Written by

Perplexity Team

Published on

Sep 12, 2023

We are excited to announce the launch of our new feature, Collections, which offers users enhanced control over organizing threads, collaborating with others, and managing privacy. With Collections, you can:

Organize Personal Threads

Easily group related threads together for better organization. Create Collections for different projects, topics, or any other categorization you prefer, making it simple to find and manage your conversations.

Collaborate with Others

Invite contributors to your Collections and work together seamlessly. Share knowledge and ideas by adding threads or creating new Collections as team workspaces. Manage collaborator roles with owner and contributor access levels.

Control Privacy

Adjust a Collection's share status between secret and sharable, giving you granular control over privacy. Change a Collection's access without affecting individual threads.

Get started with Collections today by logging in to your Perplexity account and looking for the Collections tab. Organize your threads, collaborate with others, and manage privacy like never before.