Written by

Perplexity Team

Published on

Feb 23, 2024

Perplexity Partners with ElevenLabs to launch 'Discover Daily' Podcast

Bringing cutting-edge knowledge to your ears.

Perplexity is thrilled to announce our partnership with ElevenLabs, a pioneering voice technology company. Together, we have launched "Discover Daily," a short-form podcast that brings the latest headlines in innovation, science, and culture to listeners everywhere. This collaboration marries ElevenLabs' state-of-the-art voice technology with Perplexity's powerful search and content engine, offering a unique and accessible way to stay informed about the world's most exciting developments.

At Perplexity, we pride ourselves on being the fastest and most accurate way to search the web. Our platform curates relevant sources, from academic research to Reddit threads, to create comprehensive answers that go beyond the typical search engine experience. With in-line citations for every source we use, we provide trusted answers with the added benefit of easy fact-checking.

"Discover Daily" is a testament to our commitment to making knowledge more accessible and engaging. By leveraging ElevenLabs' lifelike voice technology, we're able to transform the way people consume information, making it possible to absorb curated knowledge in audio form—perfect for those on the go or simply looking for a more dynamic way to learn something new.

Subscribe to "Discover Daily" and experience the blend of advanced voice technology and cutting-edge search capabilities. This partnership is just the beginning of our journey to change information discovery and sharing, and we couldn't be more excited about the future possibilities this partnership brings.

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