How does Image Upload Work?

How does Image Upload Work?

Image Upload

Image Upload is available for Perplexity Pro subscribers only. If you’d like to learn more about Perplexity Pro please click here.

In order to use image as a reference for a query using web search, please toggle Copilot on. If you’d like to strictly use the image as a single source without web browsing, then you can do so by simply submitting it as regular query.

How do I upload an image? Images can be uploaded when starting a new Thread using the Attach button. You can also drag and drop the image to the search bar.

For the mobile apps, you can chose an image from your gallery or take a picture.

How does image upload work?

We use GPT 4 to generate a response to images, GPT 4 is the best model for multimodal analysis. Your images are not stored in any capacity on our servers, so you can upload images feeling confident that we will not keep and analyze them.

Can I use other models?

You do not have to manually change your preferred model, Perplexity will automatically use GPT 4 to generate a response. It is not possible to actually analyze an image with any other model.

What are the image formats that are accepted? We accept the most common ones, such as JPEG, HEF, PNG, or PDF images for analysis. Most formats will be accepted, but not all. If possible please stick to the above ones or use a converter before using them for Perplexity.

What is the maximum image size? Do I have to worry about the formatting?

Please upload images up to 25MB, there are no limits on pixels. Perplexity will reformat the crop to ensure it’s adjusted to the necessary standards in order to be processed. This will not happen with images that are too large, please reduce the file size yourself.

What happens to my uploaded files?

The uploaded file will be able to be visualized on a thread a source. We do not store your images, the privacy settings that are applied to the thread will be applied to the image itself as well. If you share the thread with someone, they will be able to see the image.

  • Can I delete my uploaded image once a response has been generated?

    Currently, this is not possible to do. If this happens to be something important to you please fill out our feedback form in your settings page.

What limitations should I be aware of in terms of the images I can upload?

There are some baseline limitations and technical constraints to be aware of with image upload, some types of images that may generate inconsistent results or won’t be read by the model are:

  1. Medical images: CT scans and specialized medical images. Please remember to consult a Doctor and not a LLM for medical advice.

  2. Up-side down or rotated images

  3. Locations: precise spatial locations

  4. Panoramic images

  5. Explicit content

  6. Pictures of individuals

What platforms support image upload?

It is available to use on all of our platforms for Pro Users. Including both the Android and iOS app.

What kinds of images can I upload? Perplexity processes a wide range of visual content, including objects, graphics, and drawings, in standard image formats. Essentially, any image composed of pixels and vectors in a supported format is suitable for analysis.

What should I use image uploads for?

This feature is helpful for any query in which an image might be helpful to use a complimentary source or to generate a response using the image as the source.

  • Found a beautiful flower? Try taking a picture and asking what it is.

  • You’ve been given a chart to interpret results from? You can upload it and ask for an analysis.

  • Generating a caption for a picture for your social media? you can upload the image and Perplexity will help you generate a description of it.

Check out more examples on how to use image upload here.

These are just some examples, as noted above it will not support videos, explicit content, or to name individuals

Is it possible to access an uploaded file, but restrict it from searching the internet?

By default, the search will only use the image as a source. In order to browse the web, Copilot should be enabled.

Troubleshooting Image and File Reading Issues If Perplexity can't read your image or file, ensure it's in a supported format and does not contain explicit content or individual identification. Please also make sure your network connection is stable. You can check out our general Support troubleshooting guides here.

If the issue persists, please email us a bug report to [email protected]. Include the following:

  1. Description of the issue and image

  2. URL to thread (You can change the query to public by clicking on the top right corner where it says “Share”)

  3. If you’d like to include the image, that is also helpful.

Kind remember that this feature is not 100% perfect and might be prone to occasional errors. We are working hard to reduce the statistical probability of failure and to improve the quality of responses.