What is Perplexity Pages?

What is Perplexity Pages?

Perplexity Pages is the easiest way to create beautifully designed, comprehensive articles on any topic. With Pages, you don’t have to be an expert writer to create high quality content.

Why Pages?

Expand your reach with shareable content

Pages makes it simple to turn your research into shareable articles, helping you connect with a global audience.

Not a writer? No problem

Crafting content that resonates can be difficult. Pages is built for clarity, breaking down complex subjects into digestible pieces and serving everyone from educators to executives.

Save time by transforming research into assets

With one-click, turn a Thread from messy research into a shareable Page you can send to your audience or team.

How does it work?

There are two ways to create a Page.

  1. From a Thread

    Click “Convert to a Page” to turn a Thread into polished, shareable content ready to present to the world.

  2. From scratch

    Enter any prompt, and watch your Page take shape with a comprehensive draft. Customize the content, tweak the formatting, and add multimedia elements to make it uniquely yours.

Media and customization

What media can I add?

Pages lets you enrich your content with various types of media. Generate images in styles like painting, photograph, illustration, or diagram or upload your own. You can easily reposition images to bring your vision to life.

Can I customize the layout of my Page?

Yes. To add a new section, click the "Add Section" button. An input field will appear, asking, "What is this section about?" Specify the focus of the new section and choose from various layout options:

  • Text alignment

  • Image with text alignment

  • Media only

  • Suggested sections based on the story

  • Rearrange sections as needed, or remove them if needed.

Are sources displayed on Pages?

Yes. Perplexity Pages allows you to view the sources for each section, ensuring that you can always trace the information back to its original context. If you see a source that's irrelevant, you can remove it, and the section will be rewritten without that source.

What’s the difference between a Thread and a Page?

Threads are a sandbox for private search. Don’t worry if it’s messy just learn what you want as fast as possible. Pages are for the time when you want to create something worth sharing and looking at forever.