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Area codes 415 and 628 (San Francisco Area)
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Area codes 415 and 628 serve the city of San Francisco and its northern suburbs in Marin County, as well as the northeast corner of San Mateo County in California. Established in 1947, area code 415 is one of the original North American area codes, while area code 628 was introduced in 2015 as an overlay to address the growing demand for new phone numbers in the region.

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415 and 628 Area Codes: Comprehensive Coverage of San Francisco and Beyond

The 415 and 628 area codes serve a diverse range of locations within the City and County of San Francisco, Marin County, and a small portion of San Mateo County. Below is a detailed list of the cities and communities covered by these area codes.
San FranciscoSan Francisco
Bel Marin KeysMarin
Black Point-Green PointMarin
California ParkMarin
Corte MaderaMarin
Inverness ParkMarin
Lagunitas-Forest KnollsMarin
Lucas Valley-MarinwoodMarin
Marin CityMarin
McNears BeachMarin
Mill ValleyMarin
Muir BeachMarin
Paradise CayMarin
Point Reyes StationMarin
San AnselmoMarin
San GeronimoMarin
San QuentinMarin
San RafaelMarin
Santa VenetiaMarin
Sleepy HollowMarin
Stinson BeachMarin
Tamalpais-Homestead ValleyMarin
BrisbaneSan Mateo
Daly CitySan Mateo
These areas are part of the greater San Francisco Bay Area, known for their unique blend of urban and suburban environments, cultural landmarks, and scenic beauty.
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History of Area Code 415

When the North American Numbering Plan was installed by AT&T for Operator Toll Dialing in 1947, the state of California was divided into three numbering plan areas (NPAs) arranged as geographical zones in the southern part, the central part, and the northern part of the state. Area code 415 was assigned to central California, south of area code 916, and north of area code 213. It stretched from Sacramento in the north to Bakersfield in the south. In 1950, the boundaries of the numbering plan area were redrawn to produce a division of the northern and central parts along a north–south-running dividing line. Numbering plan area 415 became the coastal region from the North Coast to the Oregon border, while 916 was redrawn to comprise the northeastern corner of the state. As part of this realignment, Sacramento was renumbered from area code 415 to 916, and Bakersfield to 213. With the preparations for nation-wide direct distance dialing (DDD) in the early 1950s, area code 318 was temporarily used in the San Francisco area, initially by customers in Englewood, New Jersey, participating in the first customer trials to reach the city, as well as some areas north of the Golden Gate. In 1953, the entire Bay Area was "reunited" in using area code 415. Area code 415 has been split three times due to the Bay Area's rapid economic growth and demand for telecommunication services:
  • On March 1, 1959, area code 707 was created from the northern part, and area code 408 was created for San Jose, the South Bay, the Monterey Bay, and the Salinas Valley. (408 has since been split to 831 and overlaid with 669.)
  • On September 2, 1991, area code 510 was created for the East Bay, including Oakland. (510 has since been split to 925 and was overlaid by 341 in 2019.)
  • On August 2, 1997, area code 650 was created; the partition approximately followed the boundary between San Francisco, which (along with Marin County) kept 415, and San Mateo County to the south, which received the new code. Deviations from the county line included a very small area east of the San Francisco Golf Club, which was changed to 650, and portions of Brisbane and Daly City, which remained in 415.
On February 21, 2015, the numbering plan area was transitioned to an overlay plan by adding area code 628 to the same service area for new numbers, making ten-digit dialing mandatory in the area, with eleven-digit dialing necessary from landlines.
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Cultural Significance of the 415 Area Code

USA Location Area code 415 History - YouTube
USA Location Area...
The 415 area code is deeply embedded in the cultural fabric of San Francisco, symbolizing the city's rich history, diversity, and innovative spirit. Established in 1947, it was one of the original area codes in the United States and has since become synonymous with San Francisco's identity. The 415 area code evokes images of iconic landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, and the city's vibrant arts and culinary scenes. It has been referenced in popular culture, including songs, movies, and television shows, further cementing its status as a cultural icon. For many residents and businesses, having a 415 area code is a badge of honor, representing a connection to the city's unique character and global influence.
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Final Thoughts on 415/628

The introduction of the 628 area code as an overlay to the 415 area code in Northern California has brought about significant changes in the caller experience. While the 415 area code has long been a symbol of San Francisco's identity, the exhaustion of available numbers necessitated the addition of the 628 prefix. This change requires callers to use the 1 + 10-digit dialing procedure for all calls, which has been met with mixed reactions from residents and businesses. Despite the initial inconvenience, the overlay ensures a continuous supply of phone numbers without altering the cost or nature of calls. Cell phone users with certain providers may still complete calls without dialing "1" before the area code, but all landline users must adhere to the new dialing format. This adjustment underscores the evolving nature of telecommunications in response to growing demand, while maintaining the cultural and practical significance of the original 415 area code.
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