BeReal Acquired for €500M
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In a significant €500 million deal, French mobile apps and games publisher Voodoo has acquired the rapidly growing social media platform BeReal. The acquisition marks a new chapter for BeReal, as Voodoo aims to leverage its expertise and technologies to further scale the platform and enhance user experiences.

Voodoo Acquires BeReal
Voodoo, known for its hypercasual and hybridcasual games portfolio with over 7 billion downloads and 150 million active users, has expanded its reach by acquiring BeReal for €500 million ($537m). The acquisition aligns with Voodoo's diversification strategy into consumer-focused apps, as BeReal boasts an impressive user base of 40 million, with half of them using the app at least six days per week. As part of the deal, BeReal founder and CEO Alexis Barreyat will step down, with Aymeric Roffé, CEO of another Voodoo-owned social media app Wizz, set to take over as chief executive. favicon favicon
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BeReal's Unique Features
BeReal's unique approach to social media has been a key factor in its success, with the app randomly sending a daily notification prompting users to capture and share a photo within a two-minute window. This feature encourages authenticity and unfiltered sharing of everyday moments. Additionally, BeReal's platform lacks likes and followers, and photos disappear after 24 hours, creating a more intimate and genuine experience for its users. These distinctive features have contributed to BeReal's impressive user loyalty, with Voodoo CEO Alexandre Yazdi noting that the app has demonstrated "there is a universal need to share real, unfiltered experiences with close friends." favicon favicon favicon
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Voodoo's Strategic Intent
Voodoo's acquisition of BeReal is driven by a strategic intent to scale the platform and unlock its full potential. By combining BeReal's significant global user base with Voodoo's expertise in product strategy, growth, and infrastructure, the company aims to position BeReal as an iconic social network synonymous with authenticity. Voodoo plans to invest further in BeReal, focusing on innovating new features and driving growth through organic and paid marketing across various markets. favicon favicon favicon
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Future Plans for BeReal

Voodoo and BeReal are poised to collaborate on enhancing the platform's features and user experience. By leveraging Voodoo's proven track record in driving significant growth for mobile apps, BeReal aims to continue delivering on its mission to create an authentic world that keeps users connected with the people they care about most. The acquisition marks the beginning of a new growth chapter for BeReal, as it gains access to Voodoo's resources and expertise to help bring the platform onto a sustainable growth path. favicon favicon
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