Behind The Scenes of GROAT: The Roast of Tom Brady
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On May 5, 2024, NFL legend Tom Brady was the subject of a star-studded comedy roast special that aired live on Netflix. The event, billed as "The Greatest Roast of All Time," featured a lineup of athletes, comedians, and celebrities who took aim at the seven-time Super Bowl champion quarterback in an evening of no-holds-barred humor.

Numbers Behind The Roast of Tom Brady on Netflix
The Roast of Tom Brady was a major success for Netflix, drawing impressive viewership numbers in its first week on the platform:
  • The roast garnered 2 million viewers and 6.2 million hours of total viewing time on its premiere night alone.
  • It ranked as the 6th most-watched Netflix show during the week of April 29 to May 5, despite being available for less than half a day.
  • For the week of May 6-12, the roast drew a whopping 13.8 million views, making it the most-watched TV title on Netflix that week.
  • In total, the roast was seen in 3.4 million households during its first full week streaming, topping the Samba TV Weekly Wrap Report.
  • It scored 42.2 million viewing hours from May 6-12 according to Netflix's weekly global audience report.
  • The roast overtook the previous week's top English-language series on Netflix, limited series Baby Reindeer, which drew 45.4 million streaming hours that week.
The viewership numbers highlight the popularity of the star-studded comedy event and Netflix's increasing success with live specials, sports content, and its "Netflix is a Joke" festival programming. The roast's performance exceeded many recent high-profile stand-up specials on the platform. favicon favicon favicon
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Tom Brady Roasted Live

Star-Studded Roaster Lineup
Here is the content for the "Celebrity Guest Selection" section: The producers carefully curated an eclectic mix of celebrity guests to roast Tom Brady, including his former teammates, coaches, comedians, and other notable figures. The selection aimed to bring diverse perspectives and relationships to the roast dais:
  • Brady's former Patriots teammates like Randy Moss and Julian Edelman provided an insider's view and told revealing behind-the-scenes stories from their playing days together.
  • Bringing in Brady's former coach Bill Belichick, with whom he had a complicated relationship, added an extra layer of intrigue and a rare chance to see the stoic coach let loose.
  • Inviting Brady's predecessor Drew Bledsoe, whom he replaced as Patriots' starting QB, made for some comically awkward moments that highlighted their career arcs.
  • A-list comedians like Kevin Hart, Jeff Ross, and Nikki Glaser brought star power and roasting expertise to elevate the material.
  • Surprising left-field choices like Kim Kardashian and Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy kept the audience on their toes and added unpredictability to the lineup.
The team sought guests who could speak to different chapters and aspects of Brady's life and career, from his early days to his unparalleled success and longevity. By combining close friends and colleagues with unexpected personalities, the producers assembled a fascinating group to both salute and skewer the NFL legend. favicon favicon favicon
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Scriptwriting and Joke Approval
While the roast aimed to push boundaries with edgy humor, there were some lines that Brady and the producers did not want crossed. According to comedian Andrew Schulz, roasters were instructed not to make jokes about Patriots owner Robert Kraft's 2019 arrest for soliciting prostitution at a Florida massage parlor. Schulz claimed Brady specifically asked the comedians to avoid the topic out of respect for Kraft, who he considers a father figure. When Jeff Ross ignored this directive and made a joke implying Kraft got "happy endings" at massage parlors, Brady confronted him on stage, telling Ross "Don't say that shit again" and appearing visibly upset. Some speculated the interaction was staged, but Schulz insisted it was a genuine moment of Brady enforcing the agreed-upon no-go topics. This behind-the-scenes drama illustrates the challenges in scripting a roast, where jokes often need to be approved by the subject and certain sensitive subjects are declared off-limits. It's a delicate balance of finding the line between daring and disrespectful that not every comedian navigates gracefully under the pressure of a live show. favicon favicon favicon
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Audience Reactions and Highlights
The Roast of Tom Brady generated plenty of buzz on social media, with viewers sharing their favorite jokes, moments, and overall reactions to the star-studded comedy event. Many praised the performances of the comedians, especially Nikki Glaser, who some called the MVP of the night for her razor-sharp material.
Glaser's joke comparing Brady's career to a sun-dried tomato - "you've been in the game for so long, you're barely a tomato anymore" - was a particular highlight. Other standout moments that got social media talking included host Kevin Hart's relentless jabs at Brady's age and Jeff Ross dressing up as O.J. Simpson while quipping "If the gloves don't fit, you must talk s—."
Viewers also enjoyed the surprise appearances by Brady's former teammates and coaches like Julian Edelman and Bill Belichick, who got in a few playful digs at the QB's expense.
However, some jokes did provoke a bit of controversy, like when Brady shut down Ross' Robert Kraft massage parlor joke, telling him sternly "Don't say that shit again." Many on Twitter debated whether the awkward exchange was scripted or a genuine moment of tension.
Overall though, the audience reaction was overwhelmingly positive, with fans praising the roast as hilarious, entertaining, and an impressive showcase of Brady's good sportsmanship and sense of humor. The roast's huge viewership numbers and social media buzz reflect the "GROAT" hype and demonstrate the enduring popularity of the celebrity roast format in the age of streaming. favicon favicon favicon
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Memorable Jokes and Reactions

The roast of Tom Brady featured many memorable jokes and hilarious reactions from the dais and audience. Some of the most talked-about moments included:
  • Comedian Kevin Hart joking that Brady's strict diet is the reason he doesn't seem to age, quipping "The man doesn't eat nightshades, how can we expect him to ever die?" The line drew huge laughs and an exaggerated eye-roll from Brady.
  • Brady's former teammate Rob Gronkowski bringing down the house with a story about how intensely competitive Brady is, even at mundane tasks like loading the dishwasher.
    Brady laughed heartily and conceded the point with a shrug.
  • Serena Williams earning a standing ovation with a biting joke about how Brady "may have seven Super Bowl rings, but he'll never know the joy of childbirth - or of winning 23 Grand Slams."
    Brady tipped his cap to acknowledge the superior accomplishment.
  • Host Jeff Ross garnering shocked laughter with the line "Tom's so old, he remembers when the Dead Sea was just sick!"
    Brady took the old-age jokes in stride, grinning and giving a thumbs-up.
Throughout the night, Brady was a great sport, laughing genuinely at even the most brutal jokes. His easygoing reactions and willingness to be roasted helped make the event a huge success filled with unforgettable comedic moments. favicon favicon favicon
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The Role of Kevin Hart as Host
Kevin Hart played an essential role in the success of "The Roast of Tom Brady" as the event's host. Known for his energetic and irreverent comedic style, Hart set the tone for the evening with his opening monologue, poking fun at Brady's age, his brief retirement, and his move to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Throughout the night, Hart kept the show moving at a brisk pace, introducing each roaster with playful jabs and quick wit.
In addition to his duties as host, Hart also served as an executive producer on the special alongside Jeff Ross, Casey Patterson, Jeff Clanagan, and Brady himself. This allowed Hart to help shape the overall tone and flow of the event, ensuring a balance of sharp comedy and respectful tribute to the guest of honor. Hart's presence as host helped attract a star-studded lineup of roasters, including the likes of Peyton Manning, Rob Gronkowski, Kim Kardashian, and Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy. His relationships within the entertainment industry and his reputation as a top-tier comedian undoubtedly contributed to the impressive roster of talent. Throughout the roast, Hart's quick wit and improvisational skills were on full display as he bantered with the dais members and reacted to their jokes.
His infectious laughter and genuine appreciation for the art of roasting helped create a fun, high-energy atmosphere that kept the audience engaged and the roasters on their toes. favicon favicon favicon
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Producing A Live And Uncensored Show
The Roast of Tom Brady was a major live comedy event produced by Netflix as part of their Netflix Is A Joke festival. The special aired live and uncensored on the streaming platform on May 5, 2024. Tom Brady himself served as an executive producer on the roast alongside comedian Kevin Hart, roast legend Jeff Ross, and veteran comedy producer Casey Patterson. This allowed Brady to have input on the lineup, promotion, and overall tone of the event bearing his name. Acclaimed television director Beth McCarthy-Miller, known for her work on Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock, and previous comedy specials, directed the live broadcast. Her experience helped ensure a smooth, well-paced production despite the unpredictable nature of a live roast. Netflix heavily promoted the roast special under the title "The Greatest Roast of All Time" or "The GROAT," a play on Brady's "GOAT" (Greatest of All Time) nickname. The title reflected Brady's status as one of the most accomplished athletes of his generation and the grand scale of the roast production. By airing the roast live and uncensored, Netflix aimed to create an unpredictable, buzz-worthy television event befitting its superstar subject. The unedited format allowed the jokes to venture into edgier, more adult territory than a typical pre-taped special. favicon favicon
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