Discover the Top 8 AI Podcasts to Follow in 2024
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As artificial intelligence rapidly advances and transforms industries in 2024, staying informed about the latest developments is crucial. AI podcasts have emerged as valuable resources, offering in-depth discussions and expert insights into the complex and ever-evolving world of AI. From technical deep dives to exploring the societal implications of this transformative technology, these top AI podcasts in 2024 provide engaging and informative content for enthusiasts, professionals, and curious minds alike.

1. The AI Podcast by NVIDIA by Noah Kravitz

The AI Podcast Hosted by Noah Kravitz Noah Kravitz, a long-time journalist based in the Bay Area, hosts the popular AI Podcast by NVIDIA. With over two decades of experience charting the rise of personal electronics and mobile computing, Kravitz brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to his role as host. He has built one of YouTube's most successful Science and Technology channels, served as a regular tech expert on TV outlets, and written about society-changing technologies for media outlets like WIRED, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur. On the AI Podcast, Kravitz explores the impact of AI on our world through captivating one-on-one interviews with experts from diverse fields. Each episode tells a unique story, from wildlife biologists tracking endangered rhinos using AI to astrophysicists analyzing distant starlight with machine learning. Kravitz's engaging style and deep understanding of technology make the podcast accessible and informative for listeners of all backgrounds. Recent episodes have featured guests like Arthur's Adam Wenchel discussing explainable AI, AI2's Christopher Bretherton on using machine learning for climate modeling, and Viome's Guru Banavar on AI for personalized health. Kravitz's ability to draw out insights and stories from his guests has made the AI Podcast a must-listen for anyone interested in the transformative potential of artificial intelligence. The podcast is available on a wide range of platforms, including iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and TuneIn, making it easily accessible for listeners worldwide. With its compelling content and expert insights, the AI Podcast hosted by Noah Kravitz continues to be a leading resource for understanding the latest developments and applications of AI in 2024. favicon favicon favicon
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Perplexity's Discovery Daily Podcast

Perplexity CEO Aravind Srinivas: How AI Challenges Google
Here is the content for the "Perplexity AI podcast" section: The Perplexity AI podcast, hosted by Perplexity's co-founder and CEO Aravind Srinivas, offers a unique perspective on the rapidly advancing field of artificial intelligence. With a focus on Perplexity's groundbreaking work in developing large language models and AI systems that can engage in open-ended dialogue, the podcast provides listeners with an inside look at one of the most innovative companies shaping the future of AI. Each episode features in-depth discussions with members of the Perplexity AI team, including researchers, engineers, and product managers, as they share insights into their work and the challenges they face in pushing the boundaries of what's possible with AI. From exploring the intricacies of training massive language models to discussing the ethical considerations surrounding the development of conversational AI, the Perplexity AI podcast offers a fascinating glimpse into the cutting-edge work being done at the company. Recent episodes have delved into topics such as:
  • The development of Perplexity's flagship AI assistant, Claude, and its ability to engage in open-ended conversation and assist with a wide range of tasks
  • The challenges of creating AI systems that can understand and respond to context, nuance, and ambiguity in human language
  • The importance of incorporating safety and ethical considerations into the development of advanced AI systems
  • The potential applications of Perplexity's technology across industries, from customer service and education to healthcare and scientific research
In addition to providing technical insights, the Perplexity AI podcast also explores the broader implications of the company's work and the role that AI will play in shaping the future. Srinivas and his guests engage in thought-provoking discussions about the potential benefits and risks of advanced AI systems, and the steps that need to be taken to ensure that the technology is developed and deployed in a responsible and beneficial manner. With its engaging content and expert insights, the Perplexity AI podcast has quickly become a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of artificial intelligence. As the company continues to push the boundaries of what's possible with AI in 2024 and beyond, the podcast offers a front-row seat to the exciting developments and breakthroughs happening at Perplexity AI. favicon favicon favicon
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3. The Lex Fridman Podcast by Lex Fridman

The Lex Fridman Podcast: Exploring the Frontiers of AI and Beyond Lex Fridman, an AI researcher at MIT, hosts a captivating podcast that delves into the frontiers of artificial intelligence, science, technology, and philosophy. Through thought-provoking conversations with leading experts, Fridman explores the nature of intelligence, consciousness, love, and power, offering listeners a unique perspective on the cutting-edge developments shaping our world. Recent episodes have featured guests like Sean Carroll discussing general relativity, quantum mechanics, black holes, and aliens, and Andrew Callaghan, host of Channel 5 on YouTube, exploring the edges of society through street interviews. Fridman's ability to engage with a diverse range of topics and personalities has made his podcast a favorite among those seeking to expand their understanding of AI and its broader implications. With a growing community of listeners and supporters, the Lex Fridman Podcast has become a hub for intellectual discourse and discovery. Subscribers can access the podcast on various platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube, and engage with the community through social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit. As AI continues to shape our world in 2024 and beyond, the Lex Fridman Podcast remains an essential resource for anyone seeking to stay informed and inspired by the latest developments in this transformative field. favicon favicon favicon
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4. AI in Business by Daniel Faggella

AI in Business: Practical Insights for Non-Technical Leaders Hosted by Daniel Faggella, CEO of Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research, the AI in Business podcast is a valuable resource for non-technical business leaders seeking to understand AI's potential and align AI capabilities with their organization's strategy. Each week, Faggella interviews top AI executives from Fortune 500 firms and innovative startups to uncover trends, use cases, and best practices for practical AI adoption. Recent episodes have featured insightful discussions with guests like Chris Helsel, CTO of Goodyear, on the future of automated transportation; Dr. John Almasan, Head of AI & Emerging Technologies at TIAA, on AI applications in finance; and Alan Boehme, former CTO of H&M, on how AI can help reveal the 'deep state' inside organizations. Faggella's interviews delve into the real-world challenges and opportunities of implementing AI across various industries, from manufacturing and retail to healthcare and finance. One of the podcast's strengths is its focus on actionable insights and strategies for business leaders. Faggella and his guests discuss how to identify AI opportunities, align AI capabilities with business objectives, and deliver measurable ROI. The podcast also explores the ethical considerations and potential risks associated with AI adoption, providing a balanced perspective on the technology's transformative potential. With over 800 episodes spanning more than a decade, the AI in Business podcast has built a reputation as one of the most informative and engaging resources for non-technical leaders navigating the AI landscape. Listeners praise Faggella's ability to ask insightful questions and uncover new ways of thinking about AI that they hadn't considered before. As AI continues to reshape industries in 2024, the AI in Business podcast remains an essential listen for business leaders seeking to stay ahead of the curve and harness the power of this transformative technology. By providing practical insights, real-world case studies, and expert guidance, Faggella and his guests help demystify AI and empower organizations to develop effective AI strategies that drive innovation and growth. favicon favicon favicon
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5. Data Skeptic by Kyle Polich

Kyle Polich is the host and creator of the Data Skeptic podcast, which he started in 2014. The podcast has quickly risen to become one of the top data science podcasts on iTunes, consistently ranking as the #1 show in its category. Polich explores a wide range of topics related to data science, statistics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, all through the lens of scientific skepticism. Each week, Polich dives deep into the latest developments in AI and machine learning, often focusing on the technical aspects of these technologies. He conducts engaging interviews with experts in the field, including researchers, practitioners, and thought leaders, providing listeners with unique insights into the cutting-edge work being done in AI and its potential implications for the future. One of the defining features of Data Skeptic is its commitment to critical thinking and the scientific method. Polich approaches each topic with a skeptical mindset, asking probing questions and challenging assumptions to ensure that the information presented is accurate, reliable, and grounded in evidence. This approach has earned the podcast a dedicated following among data science professionals and enthusiasts who value rigorous analysis and intellectual honesty. In recent years, Data Skeptic has focused on making deep learning and other advanced AI techniques understandable to a general audience. Through clear explanations and relatable examples, Polich helps listeners grasp the fundamental concepts behind these technologies and their potential impact on society. The podcast has covered a wide range of topics, from natural language processing and computer vision to reinforcement learning and generative adversarial networks. Beyond hosting the Data Skeptic podcast, Kyle Polich is actively involved in the data science community as an advisor for early-stage startups and a consultant helping companies deliver end-to-end data solutions. He is also a sought-after mentor for aspiring data scientists, teaching at institutions like Thinkful and NewMet Data Science bootcamp, and offering one-on-one mentorship to help individuals break into the field of data science. favicon favicon favicon
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6. Practical AI by Daniel Whitenack and Chris Benson

Practical AI: Exploring Real-World AI Applications and Techniques Practical AI is a popular podcast that dives deep into the world of artificial intelligence, focusing on real-world applications and techniques. Hosted by Daniel Whitenack and Chris Benson, the podcast is part of Changelog Media and has gained recognition for its in-depth discussions on complex AI topics. Each episode of Practical AI explores a specific aspect of AI, such as neural networks, generative adversarial networks (GANs), MLOps, and AIOps. Whitenack and Benson go beyond surface-level discussions to provide listeners with a comprehensive understanding of these topics and their practical implications. They also discuss the latest developments in AI, such as Google's rebranding of Bard as Gemini and the release of new GenAI functionality. One of the strengths of Practical AI is its focus on real-world scenarios where AI is being used. The hosts invite experts from various industries to share their experiences and insights on how AI is transforming their fields. For example, recent episodes have featured discussions on automating UI with AI, fine-tuning strategies for large language models, and the challenges of prompt engineering. Whitenack and Benson also explore the broader implications of AI, such as the recent FCC decision to ban the use of AI voices in robocalls and what it might mean for government involvement in AI regulation. They provide a balanced perspective on these issues, considering both the potential benefits and risks of AI adoption. With its engaging discussions, expert insights, and practical focus, Practical AI has become a valuable resource for anyone interested in understanding the real-world applications of artificial intelligence. As AI continues to transform industries in 2024 and beyond, this podcast remains an essential listen for professionals and enthusiasts alike who want to stay informed about the latest developments and techniques in this rapidly evolving field. favicon favicon favicon
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7. TWIML AI (This Week in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence) by Sam Charrington

The TWIML AI Podcast (formerly This Week in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence) is a popular and influential podcast that explores the latest developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Hosted by Sam Charrington, a sought-after industry analyst, speaker, commentator, and thought leader, the podcast covers a wide range of technologies, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, natural language processing, neural networks, analytics, computer science, and data science. With over 600 episodes featuring interviews with top experts in the field, the TWIML AI Podcast has become a go-to resource for ML/AI researchers, data scientists, engineers, and tech-savvy business and IT leaders looking to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and advancements in the field. The podcast has garnered more than 12 million downloads, a testament to its popularity and influence within the AI and machine learning community. Recent episodes have featured insightful discussions on a wide range of topics, including:
  • Localizing and editing knowledge in large language models with Peter Hase
  • Coercing LLMs to do and reveal (almost) anything with Jonas Geiping
  • AI for power and energy with Laurent Boinot
  • Controlling fusion reactor instability with deep reinforcement learning with Aza Jalalvand
  • Advancing deep reinforcement learning with NetHack with Tim Rocktäschel
  • The evolution of the NLP landscape with Oren Etzioni
These episodes showcase the depth and breadth of the topics covered on the TWIML AI Podcast, from cutting-edge research in areas like reinforcement learning and natural language processing to practical applications of AI in industries like energy and fusion reactor control. In addition to the main podcast feed, the TWIML AI Podcast is also available on various platforms, including Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and Global Player, making it easily accessible to listeners worldwide. With its engaging content, expert insights, and thought-provoking discussions, the TWIML AI Podcast continues to be a must-listen for anyone interested in staying informed about the latest developments and trends in machine learning and artificial intelligence. favicon favicon favicon
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8. Eye on AI by Craig S. Smith

Eye on AI: Comprehensive Insights from AI Experts Eye on AI, hosted by veteran New York Times correspondent Craig S. Smith, provides comprehensive insight into the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence. Each episode features an in-depth discussion with an AI expert, researcher, or tech business leader who is making significant strides in the AI landscape. Smith's extensive background as an award-winning journalist brings a unique perspective to the podcast, as he explores not only the technical aspects of AI but also its potential risks and societal implications. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, from the use of AI in advanced robotics and synthetic biology to the ethical concerns surrounding the development of artificial general intelligence (AGI). Recent episodes have featured fascinating conversations with guests like Yann LeCun, Chief AI Scientist at Meta, discussing the future of AI and the challenges of developing AGI; Demis Hassabis, co-founder and CEO of DeepMind, on the company's groundbreaking work in AI and its potential impact on fields like healthcare and scientific discovery; and Kate Crawford, author of "Atlas of AI," on the hidden costs and consequences of AI development. With its thought-provoking discussions and expert insights, Eye on AI has quickly become a must-listen for anyone interested in understanding the complex and rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence. The podcast is available on various platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and new episodes are released twice a week, ensuring that listeners always have access to the latest developments and perspectives in the field. As AI continues to transform industries and shape our world in 2024, Eye on AI remains an essential resource for staying informed and engaged with the technology's progress, challenges, and implications. Craig S. Smith's insightful interviews and comprehensive approach make the podcast a valuable tool for anyone seeking to navigate the complex landscape of AI and understand its impact on our lives and society. favicon favicon favicon
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