Elijah Blue Allman: Son of Cher and Gregg Allman
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Elijah Blue Allman, the son of iconic singer Cher and musician Gregg Allman, has recently been in the spotlight due to an ongoing conservatorship dispute with his mother. The 47-year-old musician, known professionally as P. Exeter Blue I, has had a complex relationship with his famous mother over the years.


Elijah's Childhood Musical Upbringing
Elijah Blue Allman was born on July 10, 1976, in Beverly Hills, California, to legendary musicians Cher and Gregg Allman. His mother, Cher, is an iconic pop culture figure known as the "Goddess of Pop," while his father, Gregg Allman, was a founding member of the renowned Southern rock band, The Allman Brothers Band. Allman's parents divorced in 1979 when he was just three years old. From his mother's side, he has one half-brother, Chaz Bono, who was born Chastity Bono and is a transgender male. From his father's side, Allman has four half-siblings: Delilah Allman, Michael Allman, Layla Allman, and Devon Allman. Growing up in a family of musicians, Allman was exposed to the world of music from a very young age. His parents' successful careers and passion for their craft undoubtedly influenced his own musical aspirations and shaped his artistic journey. With such a rich musical heritage, it is no surprise that Allman followed in his parents' footsteps and pursued a career in the music industry. Despite the challenges of having divorced parents and a large extended family, Allman's upbringing was deeply rooted in the arts and provided him with a unique perspective that would later reflect in his music and creative endeavors. favicon favicon favicon
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Blue Allman's Collaborations with Other Artists

Elijah Blue Allman has collaborated with various artists throughout his career. In 1994, he formed the industrial metal band Deadsy, which included musicians like Alec Puro and Dr. Nner. The band released two albums and toured with acts like Korn and Orgy. Allman has also worked as a guitarist, playing with bands such as Thirty Seconds to Mars. Collaborating with other musicians allows artists to step outside their comfort zones, experiment with new genres, and create unique sounds. By working with artists from different backgrounds, they can broaden their horizons, learn new techniques, and reach new audiences. Successful collaborations often blend each artist's strengths and styles in a cohesive way, as exemplified by crossover hits like Run-D.M.C. and Aerosmith's "Walk This Way" or more recent songs featuring artists like SZA and Phoebe Bridgers. favicon favicon favicon
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The Complicated Relationship Between Elijah Blue Allman and Cher
Elijah Blue Allman's relationship with his mother, Cher, has been strained for decades, marked by long periods of estrangement and public disputes. Allman has spoken candidly about feeling like an outsider in his family, with different values and mentalities causing clashes and a sense of being shunned. One significant point of contention was Allman's decision to elope with his wife, Marieangela "Angie" King, in 2014. Allman revealed that Cher did not acknowledge or congratulate them on their engagement, leading them to have a private ceremony without her presence. He stated, "I wasn't going to wait for anyone's approval and congratulations just like I've never waited for any of that my whole life." Tensions escalated further when King accused Cher of orchestrating a "kidnapping plot" to forcibly remove Allman from a hotel room in late 2022, allegations that Cher denied. The couple's tumultuous relationship with Cher culminated in her filing for a temporary conservatorship over Allman in December 2023, citing concerns about his ability to manage his finances and resources due to his substance abuse issues. Despite the legal battles and public disputes, Allman and King reconciled in late 2023, with Allman dismissing the divorce proceedings and stating they were "reconciling and cohabitating." However, the strained relationship with Cher appears to be an ongoing source of conflict and complexity in Allman's personal life. favicon favicon favicon
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Elijah's Marriage and Health Struggles
Elijah Blue Allman married Marieangela "Queenie" King on December 1, 2013. Their marriage has faced several challenges, including a brief separation in 2020 and Allman filing for divorce in 2021, citing irreconcilable differences. However, the couple reconciled in late 2023, with Allman requesting to dismiss the divorce proceedings in January 2024. King has accused Cher of interfering in their marriage and orchestrating a "kidnapping plot" to remove Allman from a hotel room in late 2022. She claimed Cher had hired men to forcibly take Allman away, though Cher denied these allegations. Allman has been open about his struggles with substance abuse and addiction over the years. He has claimed to be sober since 2008 but has faced ongoing challenges with his mental health and recovery. In December 2023, Cher filed for a temporary conservatorship over her son, citing concerns about his ability to manage his finances and resources due to his substance abuse issues. The couple's reconciliation and Allman's dismissal of the divorce came amidst Cher's conservatorship battle, with Allman stating that he and King were "reconciling and cohabitating." Despite the legal disputes, the couple made a rare public appearance in February 2024, attending a comedy show in West Hollywood, where King expressed their renewed strength as a couple. favicon favicon favicon
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Cher's Musician Son Elijah


Cher Seeks Temporary Conservatorship Over Son Elijah Blue Allman in Late 2023
In late 2023, Cher filed for a temporary conservatorship over her son Elijah Blue Allman, expressing concerns about his ability to manage his finances and resources due to his struggles with substance abuse and mental health issues. However, Elijah strongly opposed the conservatorship, arguing that he is capable of managing his own affairs and resisting undue influence. In January 2024, a judge initially denied Cher's request for a temporary conservatorship, ruling that there was insufficient evidence of an urgent need, as Elijah had proven he could manage his finances and remain drug-free. Elijah filed an objection in April 2024, stating that he is not mentally ill and does not require court protection, citing his retention of legal counsel and an accounting firm to assist with his finances. The contentious legal battle between mother and son took a new turn in May 2024 when they agreed to pause the conservatorship proceedings and attempt to resolve their dispute privately through mediation. Both parties expressed a willingness to work together to find a resolution outside of the public eye. While the details of their private negotiations remain undisclosed, the decision to suspend the conservatorship battle and seek a mediated settlement suggests a desire to mend their strained relationship and find a mutually agreeable solution regarding Elijah's care and well-being. favicon favicon favicon
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Elijah's Struggle with Heroin
Elijah Blue Allman has openly discussed his long-standing battle with addiction, particularly his struggle with heroin. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Allman revealed that he began experimenting with drugs at the young age of 11, starting with marijuana and ecstasy before progressing to harder substances like heroin and opiates. He admitted to using these illicit substances as a means of escaping the difficulties and traumas of his past. Allman's addiction put his life at risk, as he experienced several close calls and brushes with mortality due to his substance abuse. Despite his efforts to maintain some level of safety, he acknowledged the inherent dangers of drug use, stating, "Even though you think that in your mind, the wrong things can happen. The wrong combination of things can happen, and you can just slip into the abyss." Although Allman has claimed to be sober since 2008, his ongoing substance abuse issues have remained a concern for his family, particularly his mother, Cher. In December 2023, Cher filed for a temporary conservatorship over her son, citing his alleged substance abuse as a primary reason for her decision to seek control over his finances and resources. favicon favicon favicon
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Closing Thoughts

Elijah Blue Allman's life and career serve as a reminder that even the children of legendary singers can face significant personal challenges. As the son of Cher, one of the most iconic American singers of the 20th and 21st centuries, Allman grew up in the shadow of his mother's fame. While he pursued his own music career, fronting the industrial metal band Deadsy and collaborating with various artists, his personal struggles with addiction and mental health issues have often overshadowed his artistic endeavors. The ongoing conservatorship battle between Cher and Allman highlights the complex dynamics that can exist within famous families. Despite Cher's concerns about her son's well-being and ability to manage his finances, Allman has asserted his independence and opposed the conservatorship, leading to a public legal dispute. As they now seek to resolve their differences through private mediation, it remains to be seen how this chapter in their relationship will unfold. Allman's story serves as a poignant reminder that fame and success do not shield individuals from personal challenges and family conflicts. It also underscores the importance of open communication, empathy, and understanding in navigating complex family dynamics, particularly in the face of mental health and substance abuse issues. favicon favicon favicon
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