Inside Out 2 (2024)
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Inside Out 2, the highly anticipated sequel to Pixar's 2015 hit Inside Out, takes audiences back into the mind of Riley as she navigates the challenges of being a teenager. With a star-studded voice cast and a story that introduces new emotions like Anxiety, Envy, and Embarrassment, this animated adventure promises to be a thought-provoking and entertaining exploration of the complexities of growing up.


Inside Out 2: Synopsis
In Inside Out 2, Riley turns 13, and her emotional headquarters undergoes a dramatic transformation to accommodate new emotions. The original team—Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust—find themselves unprepared for the arrival of Anxiety, who brings a literal and figurative baggage of worries. As Riley navigates the complexities of adolescence, additional emotions like Envy, Ennui, and Embarrassment join the fray, each contributing to the chaos and growth in her emotional landscape. The film delves into Riley's struggle to balance these new emotions while dealing with the typical challenges of teenage life, such as friendships, family dynamics, and self-identity. favicon favicon favicon
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Inside Out 2 Trailer


Meet the Voice Cast of Inside Out 2
Inside Out 2 features a blend of returning and new voice actors, bringing to life the complex emotions of teenage Riley. Below is a detailed table of the main and supporting voice cast:
CharacterVoice Actor
JoyAmy Poehler
SadnessPhyllis Smith
AngerLewis Black
FearTony Hale
DisgustLiza Lapira
AnxietyMaya Hawke
EnvyAyo Edebiri
EnnuiAdèle Exarchopoulos
EmbarrassmentPaul Walter Hauser
Riley AndersenKensington Tallman
Valentina "Val" OrtizLilimar
Riley's MomDiane Lane
Riley's DadKyle MacLachlan
Riley's BestiesSumayyah Nuriddin-Green, Grace Lu
Coach RobertsYvette Nicole Brown
Additional VoicesSarayu Blue, Flea, Ron Funches, Dave Goelz, James Austin Johnson, Bobby Moynihan, Frank Oz, Paula Pell, Paula Poundstone, John Ratzenberger, Kendall Coyne Schofield, June Squibb, Kirk Thatcher, Yong Yea
This diverse and talented ensemble ensures that the sequel captures the emotional depth and humor that made the original film a beloved classic. favicon favicon favicon
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Inside Out 2 (Photos)


Inside Out 2: Anxiety and Embarrassment, Riley's New Emotions
Inside Out 2 introduces two new emotions, Anxiety and Embarrassment, to Riley's emotional landscape, reflecting the complexities of adolescence. Below is a brief overview of these emotions:
  • Anxiety: Voiced by Maya Hawke, Anxiety is a jittery guardian always prepared for every imaginable disaster, armed with color-coded charts and doomsday plans. This emotion plays a significant role in Riley's life as she navigates the challenges of puberty and the unknown, constantly worrying about fitting in and being left out.
  • Embarrassment: Voiced by Paul Walter Hauser, Embarrassment is a shy and self-conscious emotion ready to shield Riley from awkward moments and social faux pas. This character highlights Riley's discomfort around her old friends, whom she now perceives as not cool enough.
These new emotions, along with Envy and Ennui, contribute to the chaos and growth in Riley's emotional journey, making Inside Out 2 a compelling exploration of teenage life. favicon favicon favicon
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Behind the Scenes Facts
Inside Out 2 offers a wealth of behind-the-scenes insights and trivia that highlight the creativity and dedication of the Pixar team. Here are some fascinating details:
  • Director's Connection: Kelsey Mann, the director of Inside Out 2, shares a unique connection with Pete Docter, the director of the original film. Both grew up in neighboring towns in Minnesota and started their careers at the same commercial studio in Minneapolis.
  • Casting Anecdote: Maya Hawke, who voices Anxiety, was cast after an emotional Zoom audition conducted by Mann from a backstage office at Walt Disney World during his family vacation.
  • Nostalgia's Introduction: The emotion Nostalgia was seamlessly integrated into the film using a set design originally intended for Anger's steam room in the first movie.
  • Procrastination Land: A concept for a new area in Riley's mind called "Procrastination Land" was developed but ultimately cut from the film. It may still appear in some form, possibly in an end credits scene.
  • Recording Challenges: The production faced significant challenges, including the 2023 Actors Strike, which led to an intense schedule of 30 recording sessions in 30 days, twice.
  • Character Design: A new 2D character named Bloofy, reminiscent of Blue's Clues and Dora the Explorer, breaks the fourth wall and is expected to become a fan favorite.
These behind-the-scenes stories and trivia provide a glimpse into the meticulous effort and creativity that went into making Inside Out 2 a reality. favicon favicon favicon
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Final Thoughts
Inside Out 2, set to release on June 14, 2024, marks a significant milestone in Disney and Pixar's animated filmography. As a sequel to the beloved 2015 film, it continues to explore the intricate emotional landscape of Riley, now a teenager, with the addition of new emotions like Anxiety, Envy, and Embarrassment. Directed by Kelsey Mann in his feature directorial debut, the film promises to blend complex themes with the light-heartedness that Pixar is known for. With a projected opening weekend gross of $80-$85 million, Inside Out 2 is poised to end Disney's recent streak of underperforming animated films and potentially secure the biggest opening weekend total for a film in 2024 thus far. favicon favicon
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