Recreation Advisory Board Makes Recommendations to City Council
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The Palm Bay Recreation Advisory Board recently held a meeting to discuss recommendations for expanding pickleball facilities and developing new parks in the city. The board focused on utilizing impact fee funding to support these initiatives, aiming to enhance recreational opportunities for residents.

Pickleball Courts Expansion

The Recreation Advisory Board recommended the addition and construction of pickleball courts at several locations across Palm Bay:
  • Vet's Park: Chosen for its existing infrastructure, making it cost-effective.
  • Nungesser Park: Recommended split construction of tennis and pickleball courts, rebuilding existing courts in disrepair.
  • Fred Lee Park: Also benefits from existing infrastructure, reducing additional costs.
  • Fred Poppe Regional Park: Planning recommended for a tournament-style complex with 16 courts initially, and potential expansion to 32 courts. This complex could host pro pickleball events, generating significant economic impact. favicon
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Future Park Development in 32909

The Recreation Advisory Board recommended investing funds in purchasing land within the 32909 area for a future park site. This decision addresses the lack of parks in the southeastern part of Palm Bay and aims to secure land for future recreational development.
The board emphasized the availability of impact fee funding to support this land acquisition, ensuring that financial resources are in place to make this project a reality. With approximately $7.8 million in impact fees available for the 32909 area, the board sees this as an opportunity to proactively address the growing need for recreational spaces in this rapidly developing part of the city. favicon
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Other Recreational Projects

The Recreation Advisory Board also discussed several other recreational projects during the meeting:
  • The disc golf course at Fred Poppe Regional Park is now complete and open, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony date to be coordinated.
  • Riviera Dog Park has all amenities installed except for water features, and a ribbon-cutting and renaming ceremony is pending.
  • The board discussed reducing the cost of swim lessons to make them more accessible, especially in light of increasing drowning statistics. This initiative aims to promote water safety and prevent tragic incidents. favicon
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Impact Fee Funding

The Recreation Advisory Board highlighted the availability of impact fee funding to support the recommended pickleball court expansions and future park development. The 32909 area, in particular, has approximately $7.8 million in impact fees available, more than double that of any other area in Palm Bay. This substantial funding presents an opportunity to invest in land acquisition for a new park in the southeastern part of the city, addressing the growing need for recreational spaces in this rapidly developing area. favicon
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