Jared Fogle: Subway's Icon Exposed as a Child Sex Predator in 2015
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Jared Fogle, once the famous face of Subway's advertising campaigns, gained notoriety for his dramatic weight loss before becoming embroiled in a shocking criminal case that led to his conviction on child sex tourism and child pornography charges in 2015.


Fogle's Early Life and Weight Loss
Jared Scott Fogle was born on August 23, 1977, in Indianapolis, Indiana, and grew up in a Jewish household. He attended North Central High School and graduated from Indiana University Bloomington in 2000. Fogle's dramatic weight loss journey began in 1998 when he weighed 425 pounds and struggled with obesity. By incorporating Subway sandwiches into his diet and increasing his physical activity, he lost 245 pounds in less than a year. This transformation was first highlighted in an article by an acquaintance in the Indiana Daily Student, which caught the attention of Subway executives. Impressed by his story, Subway hired him as a spokesperson in 2000, leading to his rise to fame. favicon favicon favicon
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Subway's Iconic Spokesman
Jared Fogle's career as Subway's spokesperson began in 2000, following his significant weight loss by eating Subway sandwiches. His story was prominently featured in over 300 commercials and numerous media appearances, making him a household name. Fogle's narrative of achieving health through Subway's offerings resonated widely, contributing to the brand's image as a healthier fast-food option. His role extended beyond advertisements to public events and motivational speaking, earning him approximately $2 million annually. Despite never being an official employee, Subway provided him with a Subway Black Card, symbolizing his integral role in their marketing strategy. favicon favicon favicon
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Jared Fogle: From Subway Spokesperson to Convicted Child Sex Predator

Jared Fogle, once celebrated for his dramatic weight loss and role as Subway's spokesperson, was revealed to be a pedophile and child sex predator in 2015. His criminal activities included possessing and distributing child pornography, as well as traveling across state lines to engage in sexual acts with minors. Fogle's accomplice, Russell Taylor, who managed The Jared Foundation, was instrumental in producing and distributing child sexual abuse material, which ultimately led to Fogle's arrest. Fogle's predatory behavior was first brought to the FBI's attention by Rochelle Herman, a journalist who recorded incriminating conversations with him. Despite initial challenges in gathering admissible evidence, the investigation culminated in a raid on Fogle's home, uncovering substantial proof of his crimes. Fogle pleaded guilty and was sentenced to over 15 years in prison, with his earliest release date set for 2029. favicon favicon favicon
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Jared Fogle's Legal Issues and Conviction
Allegations of inappropriate behavior with minors against Jared Fogle surfaced as early as 2007, but they did not gain significant traction until much later. The investigation into Fogle's criminal activities began in 2014 when a woman reported that Russell Taylor, the director of Fogle's charitable foundation, had offered to send her images of child pornography. This tip led to a search of Taylor's home, uncovering a trove of child pornography produced using hidden cameras. Taylor's arrest and subsequent cooperation with law enforcement revealed Fogle's involvement. In July 2015, the FBI raided Fogle's home, finding evidence of child pornography and his engagement in child sex tourism. Fogle was charged with possessing and distributing child pornography and traveling to engage in illicit sexual conduct with minors. On August 19, 2015, Fogle was arrested and later pled guilty to the charges. He admitted to receiving child pornography from Taylor and traveling across state lines to engage in sexual acts with minors. Despite a plea agreement that suggested a sentence of five to 12.5 years, the judge imposed a harsher sentence of 15 years and 8 months in federal prison, citing the severity of his crimes and the need for a strong deterrent. Fogle's earliest possible release date is March 24, 2029. favicon favicon favicon
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Subway's Reaction and Fallout
Subway swiftly severed ties with Jared Fogle following his arrest in 2015, issuing a statement that his actions were inexcusable and did not represent the brand's values. The company faced criticism for its handling of the situation, with allegations that Subway had prior knowledge of Fogle's misconduct dating back to 2008 but failed to act. Employees were instructed to remove all promotional materials featuring Fogle immediately after the news broke. Despite the scandal's severity, studies found no significant impact on consumer patronage of Subway restaurants. However, the company's reputation took a hit, with reports suggesting that Subway executives might have ignored earlier complaints about Fogle's behavior. Subway has since focused on rebuilding its image by shifting its advertising strategy away from Fogle and emphasizing local franchises and community connections. favicon favicon favicon
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Impact on Subway's Brand
The impact of Jared Fogle's scandal on Subway's brand appears to have been less severe than initially anticipated. Despite Fogle's long-standing association with Subway and the widespread media coverage of his crimes, studies have found no significant effect on consumer patronage of Subway restaurants. Marketing experts predicted that while the scandal would affect Subway's brand, the damage would not be long-lasting. Subway took swift action to distance itself from Fogle, suspending their relationship immediately after his home was raided and completely severing ties upon his arrest. The company had already begun shifting its advertising focus away from Fogle's weight loss story to highlighting local franchises and community connections. However, some reports suggest that Subway may have been aware of complaints about Fogle's behavior as early as 2008 but failed to take action, potentially damaging the company's reputation. favicon favicon favicon
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Documentaries and Media Coverage
The story of Jared Fogle's rise and fall has been extensively covered in documentaries and media. Investigation Discovery's "Jared from Subway: Catching a Monster" delves into the investigation that exposed Fogle's criminal activities, featuring interviews with his former classmates, informant Rochelle Herman, and two of his victims. The docuseries reveals how Herman, initially uneasy about Fogle's behavior, became an informant for the FBI, recording conversations where Fogle expressed his deviant preferences. Another documentary, "Jared from Subway: Unmasking a Predator," explores similar themes, highlighting the roles of both Fogle and Russell Taylor in the child pornography scandal. These documentaries have played a crucial role in informing the public about the severity of Fogle's crimes and the extensive investigation that led to his conviction. favicon favicon favicon
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