Please answer this question: Fill in the blank. "[__________], you easily make up stories of Egypt or any country you please." [ ] Anansi [ ] Borges [ ] ChatGPT [ ] Google [ ] Jesus [ ] Odysseus [ ] Pinocchio [ ] Scheherazade [ ] Socrates [ ] Wikipedia _____ allegory, fabrication, hallucination, model


The correct answer is Scheherazade. The sentence is a reference to the character Scheherazade from the collection of Middle Eastern and South Asian stories known as One Thousand and One Nights. Scheherazade tells a new story each night to her husband, the king, in order to delay her execution and keep him interested in her. The stories she tells are often set in Egypt or other exotic locations. The blank could be filled with the word "Scheherazade" to complete the sentence.


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