when was the toolformer paper submitted to arxiv


The Toolformer paper was submitted to arXiv on February 9, 2023
what are some examples of auto-gpt


Auto-GPT is an experimental, open-source autonomous AI agent based on the GPT-4 language model. It is capable of autonomously chaining together tasks to achieve a big-picture goal set by the user. Here are some examples of Auto-GPT applications:
  1. Agent-GPT: An in-browser AI tool for creating and deploying autonomous AI agents.
  2. Chaos-GPT: An autonomous tool that guides Auto-GPT to produce chaotic and unpredictable outputs.
  3. Analyzing Twitter Account & Automating It Using AutoGPT.
  4. Game Simulation With Auto GPT.
  5. Saving Money using AutoGPT.
  6. AutoGPT Calls Dominos And Orders Pizza.
  7. Create A Game Using AutoGPT.
  8. Create Your Own AutoGPT That Makes YouTube Videos For You.
  9. Auto Coder.
  10. Create Website Using AutoGPT.
  11. AutoGPT In Apple’s iMessage.
  12. Built An Algorithm To Predict Hay Fever Using AutoGPT.
  13. Write Informative And Listicle Blogs Using AutoGPT.
  14. Auto GPT Researching About Proteins.
  15. Auto GPT Can Write And Execute Its Own Code.
  16. AutoGPT Autonomously Does Sales Prospecting On Its Own.
  17. Use Cases Of AutoGPT For Investing In Stock Market.
  18. Browser Meme Generator using Auto-GPT.
  19. Auto GPT Shows 49 Ways To Produce Antigravity.
  20. Integration Of Finance Into Auto GPT.
These are just a few examples of the many potential applications of Auto-GPT. As an experimental tool, there is a growing community of developers sharing their progress and ideas using Auto-GPT on Discord and Github


how does Auto-GPT work in creating game simulations
what are some examples of tasks that Auto-GPT can automate
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