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Paris offers various state and government support programs for startups and venture capital. Here are some of the key programs and initiatives:
  1. BPI France: The French Tech Grant, created in 2014, provides up to €30,000 equity-free funding to cover up to 70% of startup costs for early-stage businesses.
  2. La French Tech: This government-backed initiative offers various programs and public policies to support the French startup ecosystem, including the French Tech Visa, French Tech Seed, and French Tech Tremplin.
  3. Bourse French Tech: This program offers up to €90,000 in equity-free funding to help cover initial startup costs, supporting the creation of innovative companies with high growth potential.
  4. French Tech Seed: A €400 million match fund aimed at leveraging private investment in technology startups, particularly deep tech startups less than three years old.
  5. STATION F: The world's largest startup campus in Paris, offering resources such as investor community, public services, and events to help entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses.
  6. Paris Region Start Up Scene: The Paris Region has implemented various incentives and business support programs to help startups thrive, including incubators and accelerators.
  7. Tax devices accessible to start-ups: A 30% tax credit on R&D expenses is available for startups in France.
  8. Next40 and French Tech 120: These government-backed rankings identify the top-performing startups in France, providing additional visibility and support.
  9. Accelerators and Incubators: Paris is home to numerous accelerators and incubators that support startups in various sectors, such as Wilco, NUMA, The Family, Founders Future, and 50 Partners.
In addition to these programs, there are various venture capital firms in Paris that invest in startups, such as Ventech, Kima Ventures, Newfund Management, Eurazeo, and Seventure Partners.
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