Research 25 websites for the state and government support programs for startups and VC in Singapore emphasizing amount of the support

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Singapore offers various government support programs for startups and venture capital. Here are the details on the programs you mentioned:
  1. Startup SG Founder Grant: This program provides mentorship and a startup capital grant of S$50,000 to first-time entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas. Startups are required to commit S$10,000 as a co-matching fund to the grant.
  2. Enterprise Development Grant (EDG): The EDG supports projects that help businesses upgrade, innovate, grow, and transform. It funds up to 50% of qualifying costs for SMEs and up to 30% of qualifying costs for non-SMEs.
  3. Startup SG Tech: This program supports Proof-of-Concept (POC) and Proof-of-Value (POV) projects for the commercialization of innovative technologies. A grant of S$250,000 is given to POC projects to support new technologies' technical and scientific feasibility, while a grant of S$500,000 is given to POV projects.
  4. Startup SG Equity Programme: The Startup SG Equity scheme aims to stimulate private sector investments into innovative Singapore-based tech startups with strong intellectual property and global market potential. SEEDS Capital Pte Ltd (SC) and SGInnovate have been appointed to manage the co-investment modality under Startup SG Equity.
  5. Productivity & Solutions Grant (PSG): The PSG supports companies looking to adopt specific productivity solutions or equipment. It helps businesses in their transformation journey by supporting the adoption of IT solutions and equipment that enhance productivity.
These programs, along with other government schemes, aim to foster a dynamic startup ecosystem in Singapore by providing financial assistance and resources to startups at different stages of growth.
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