Do famous people go bankrupt at higher rates than average?

According to the search results, it appears that famous people, including athletes, actors, musicians, and other celebrities, do go bankrupt at higher rates than the average person. The reasons for this vary, but overspending and living beyond their means are common factors. Many celebrities have experienced financial trouble and filed for personal bankruptcy, including 50 Cent, MC Hammer, and Michael Jackson. However, it is worth noting that not all celebrities struggle with their finances, and some have learned to live on a budget despite their high incomes.
What is the u.s. national average for bankruptcy?
According to the search results, the U.S. national average for bankruptcy varies depending on the type of bankruptcy filing. In 2021, just over 288,000 Americans filed for Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy, which accounts for roughly 70% of all personal bankruptcies filed. On the other hand, about 120,000 Americans filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2021, accounting for roughly a quarter of all personal bankruptcy filings in 2021. In terms of total bankruptcies, by the end of 2021, 401,293 Americans had filed for bankruptcy. The record peak of personal bankruptcy filings was in 2010, with 1,538,033 cases filed in just one year. On the federal level, filings per capita in the US is 0.12%. Alaska boasts the lowest bankruptcy rates, while Alabama has the highest rate of bankruptcy.
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