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Portugal offers various state and government support programs for startups and venture capital (VC) initiatives. Here are some key programs and initiatives:
  1. Startup Portugal: A public-private think tank established in 2016 to support the development and entrepreneurship in Portugal. It has implemented measures such as Startup Momentum, Startup Voucher, Incubation Voucher, and the creation of the National Network of Incubators and Accelerators.
  2. Portugal Venture Capital Initiative (PVCi): A fund-of-funds initiative launched by the European Investment Fund in cooperation with public and private stakeholders in Portugal. PVCi has invested more than €320 million and supported over 6,000 jobs.
  3. Startup Voucher: A program promoted by Startup Portugal that aims to boost the development of business projects in the idea stage.
  4. Startup Visa: A residence visa for entrepreneurs, which aims to attract investment, talent, and capacity for innovation to Portugal.
  5. Tech Visa: A certification program addressed to companies that wish to attract highly qualified and specialized staff to Portugal, nationals from countries not included in the Schengen area.
  6. 200M Fund: A Matching Fund that aims to foster co-investment in high-growth innovative startups in Portugal with qualified national or international investors.
  7. Public financial assistance: The Portuguese State provides Vouchers, a simplified incentive scheme to support the acquisition of services by companies.
  8. InvestPorto: A government initiative to attract foreign investments and foster new startup development in Porto.
These programs and initiatives provide financial support, resources, and networking opportunities for startups and VC initiatives in Portugal. The country's startup ecosystem has experienced significant growth, with over $1 billion in funding in 2021, a 100% growth rate over the previous year.
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