Google Launches New Travel Features to Save Money and Simplify Trip Planning

Google has launched new travel features to simplify trip planning and save money. These features include:
  1. Google Flights feature: This feature lets you know if it's the right time to book the flight you're interested in. It will save you money by telling you when to book.
  2. Price guarantee tool for flights: Google is piloting a new "price guarantee" badge for flights. During this pilot program, price guarantees are only available for "Book on Google" itineraries that depart from the United States. If the price goes down, Google will send you back the difference via Google Pay.
  3. Mobile-friendly hotel browsing feature: Google Search now includes a few new features designed to help travelers locate low-cost flights and hotels, as well as activities to do while on vacation. The mobile-friendly hotel browsing feature helps travelers locate low-cost hotels.
  4. Interactive itinerary: Google unveiled a desktop feature that allows you to see an interactive itinerary containing all your booked flights, hotels, and other reservations. You can also save research on trips you are planning.
  5. Discover things to do on vacation: Google is making it easier to find things to do on vacation. You can look for an attraction or tour company on Search or Maps, and you'll find prices directly on their listing, along with a link to book your ticket. For attractions, like the Tower of London, you'll.
Overall, these new features aim to simplify trip planning and help travelers save money.
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