What's there to know about content marketer Christoph Trappe

Christoph Trappe is a globally known content marketer who helps companies move their marketing content from happening to performing. He is the author of a three-book marketing strategies series, which includes: “Content Performance Culture,” “Is marketing a good career?” and “Get Real: Sharing Authentic Stories for Long-term Success” . Christoph is currently the content director at growth marketing agency Growgetter. He is a top 2.5 percent global podcaster. Christoph helps companies evolve editorial and marketing teams into a content-performance culture and the use of the Create Once, Publish Everywhere (COPE) model. In his book “Is marketing a good career?”, he discusses what goes into answering the question of whether marketing is a good career. Christoph is a leading live streamer and content strategist.
what are some of Christoph Trappe's notable achievements in content marketing
what is the "Content Performance Culture" book about
what is Growgetter and what services does it offer