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State Support Programs for Startups and VC in California

Here are some state support programs for startups and venture capital (VC) in California:
  1. Small Business Grant Programs in California 2023: This program offers various grants to help small businesses grow in Southern California.
  2. Expanding Venture Capital Access program: Funded through the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI 2.0) program, it invests $200 million in VC funds and businesses in the state.
  3. California Small Business Grants 2023/2024: The local state government in California provides small business grants to businesses and organizations in California.
  4. Incentives, Grants & Financing: The California Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development provides no-cost, confidential services for incentive and grant navigation.
  5. Funding Programs: The California Office of the Small Business Advocate (CalOSBA) offers information about small business grants and loans.
  6. Venture Capital Executive Program: This program at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business provides interactive learning and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and VC practitioners.
  7. California Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant Program: This program is funded by the State of California and administered by CalOSBA.
  8. Immigrants Rising SEED Grant: This organization offers small-business grants to California residents who are looking to start or grow their California-based business that addresses a social problem or community need.
  9. Founders First Job Creators Quest Grant: This small-business grant program is designed to help Southern Californian business owners hire or rehire premium wage jobs.
  10. California Entrepreneurs and Startups Grants: Grants programs and opportunities are available for entrepreneurs and startups in the form of innovation funding, entrepreneurial support, mentoring, and more.
  11. California Small Business Grants: These grants offer financial help like loans and small business grants in California to help startups establish their operations and grow.
  12. Entrepreneurship at the CSU: The California State University system offers various services and programs for startups, including mentorship, peer-to-peer roundtable discussions, advisory board formation, training to pitch ideas, and networking opportunities.
  13. California Dream Fund: This grant program awards microgrants of up to $10,000 to eligible first-time entrepreneurs and small business owners.
These programs provide financial support, mentorship, networking opportunities, and other resources to help startups and small businesses grow in California. To apply for these programs, visit their respective websites and follow the application guidelines provided.
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