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Give me a summary of this page:

Give me a summary of this page:


The page is about Jeanmarco Cicolini, a geometric tattoo artist based in Dallas, Texas, who specializes in developing, designing, and conceptualizing dotwork tattoos and mandalas inspired by the art of sacred geometry. The page specifically highlights Jeanmarco's work as the best geometric dotwork tattoo artist in Chicago, Illinois. The page also includes links to other pages on Jeanmarco's website, including his about page, as well as pages highlighting his work as the best geometric tattoo artist in New York City and San Diego. Additionally, the page includes a link to Yelp's top 10 best geometric tattoo artists in Chicago. The page provides information on Jeanmarco's style of tattooing, which combines intricate motifs from sacred geometry and other complex geometric patterns and mandalas typically rendered in a minimalist style with intricate details.