An Advanced Alien Civilization May Opt For Planetary Engineering Over Megastructures

According to recent studies, advanced alien civilizations may opt for planetary engineering over megastructures to save their dying stars and give their planets a longer lifespan. Instead of building Dyson swarms, which are objects surrounding a star to capture as much of its energy as possible, they might re-engineer their stars to buy their civilization another few billion years of survival. For example, they could blow material away from the star to make it live longer. This effort to save their stars might also be visible to astronomers here on Earth. However, some researchers suggest that alien engineers might not choose to put their Dyson spheres around sun-like stars in the first place. Instead, they argue that superintelligent engineers would build their Dyson spheres around dim stellar embers called white dwarfs. In order to find evidence of intelligent life, scientists have come up with some pretty creative ideas for what kinds of structures an advanced civilization could build. But a new study suggests that we need to look for "service worlds" instead of alien megastructures. For advanced civilizations looking for more room to expand, taking planets and other celestial bodies and turning them into "service worlds" might be a more practical solution. In summary, while megastructures such as Dyson spheres have been proposed as a sign of advanced alien civilizations, recent studies suggest that planetary engineering might be a more practical solution for these civilizations to save their dying stars and give their planets a longer lifespan.
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