Apple's better Siri rumors

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Based on the rumors and reports from multiple sources, it seems Apple is planning to significantly upgrade Siri with new AI capabilities in iOS 18, expected to be announced at WWDC in June 2024. Here are the key takeaways about the rumored "better Siri":
  • Apple is working on integrating large language models (LLMs), similar to the technology behind ChatGPT, to make Siri much smarter and more capable. This could allow Siri to engage in more natural conversations and handle complex, multi-step requests.
  • For example, Siri may be able to automatically take a series of photos, turn them into a GIF, and send it to a contact, all with a single voice command. This would be a big leap from Siri's current abilities.
  • The AI enhancements are expected to allow Siri to better understand context and engage in back-and-forth dialog, rather than just handling simple one-off requests.
  • Apple is said to be enabling these AI capabilities while still keeping data processing on-device for privacy, which could differentiate Siri from cloud-based assistants like Alexa.
  • iOS 18 is also rumored to bring tighter integration between Siri and apps like Messages, potentially allowing Siri to proofread texts, auto-complete sentences, and summarize message content.
  • However, some of the more advanced AI features may be exclusive to the iPhone 16 lineup at first, as they may require the new phones' upgraded hardware and "Neural Engine".
So in summary, if the rumors prove true, iOS 18 in late 2024 could represent the biggest upgrade to Siri since its original launch, thanks to the integration of large language models and on-device AI processing to enable much more advanced and natural interactions. But we'll have to wait for WWDC in June for the official details from Apple.
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