Can dogs eat pickles?

Here is a concise answer to whether dogs can eat pickles: While pickles are not toxic to dogs in small amounts, they are not a healthy or recommended treat123. Pickles are very high in sodium due to the brine, which can lead to excessive thirst, urination, and even high blood pressure or heart disease if a dog eats too many12. Some pickles also contain ingredients that are bad for dogs, such as garlic, onions, and sugar23. Sweet pickles in particular have a lot of added sugar which can contribute to diabetes, obesity and dental issues in dogs3. Plain cucumbers are a much healthier and safer snack to give dogs instead of pickles123. Cucumbers provide vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants without the risks of high sodium and unhealthy additives3. If your dog accidentally eats a dropped pickle slice, they will likely be fine, but eating a large amount of pickles or drinking pickle juice can make them sick and requires an immediate call to the vet23. In general, it's best to keep pickles away from dogs and not offer them as treats, even in small quantities1235. Dogs are carnivores and most will have little interest in pickles anyway4.
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