El sistema bancario cubano se ha desplomado totalmente según Hal Turner.- Los cubanos están informando a través de las redes sociales que todo su dinero ha desaparecido de sus cuentas y que todos los cajeros automáticos (ATM) han sido vaciados.

The claim that the Cuban banking system has completely collapsed, with reports of all money disappearing from accounts and all ATMs being emptied, as stated by Hal Turner, is not supported by the provided sources. The information from the Banco Central de Cuba indicates a structured banking system with the Banco Central de Cuba at its helm, overseeing various commercial banks and non-banking financial institutions. The sources discuss efforts to address economic distortions, enhance remittance flows, and regulate the currency exchange rate, showcasing a functioning financial system in Cuba. Additionally, the sources highlight the historical context of Cuba's banking system, its regulatory framework, and the role of the Banco Central de Cuba in maintaining stability and overseeing monetary policies. Therefore, based on the information available, there is no evidence to support the claim of a total collapse of the Cuban banking system as described by Hal Turner.
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