Examples of a reverse trial that led to an increase in conversion rate

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Several companies have successfully implemented reverse trials, leading to significant increases in conversion rates. Here are some notable examples:
  1. Canva:
    • Implementation: Canva offers new users a 30-day free trial of Canva Pro. After the trial period, users lose access to premium features unless they subscribe.
    • Outcome: This approach allowed users to experience the full potential of Canva Pro upfront, increasing the chances of converting free users into paying customers.
  2. Toggl:
    • Implementation: Toggl, a time-tracking and project management tool, switched to a reverse trial model where new users get 30-day access to the full product. After the trial, users continue with basic functionalities unless they upgrade.
    • Outcome: This strategy helped Toggl retain users and doubled its revenue from the premium plan by discouraging misuse of the free trial with multiple accounts.
  3. Calendly:
    • Implementation: Calendly provides 14-day free access to its premium tier for teams. If users do not upgrade before the trial ends, their accounts are downgraded to a free plan.
    • Outcome: This tactic allowed Calendly to showcase its complete functionality to potential customers, effectively driving conversions.
  4. Airtable:
    • Implementation: Airtable offers a 14-day reverse trial of its Pro Plan. After the trial, users default to the Free Plan if they choose not to upgrade.
    • Outcome: By balancing advanced functionality in the free plan and providing a limited period for users to explore premium features, Airtable's reverse trial approach encouraged deeper engagement and trust, fostering long-term relationships.
These examples demonstrate how reverse trials can effectively increase conversion rates by allowing users to experience the full capabilities of a product before deciding to commit to a paid plan.
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