Former Tinder CEO Launches AI Chatbot to Provide Mentorship and Improve Mental Wellbeing

Meeno is an AI-powered relationship mentoring app that offers personalized guidance for various types of relationships. The app uses artificial intelligence to help users build stronger romantic and platonic relationships. Meeno avoids comparison with AI chatbot companion startups such as Replika and Blush by categorizing its solution as a “personal mentor” . The app can offer advice on friendships, family dynamics, romance, and more. Meeno is focused on meeting users where they are, while still nudging them towards healthy relationship habits. The app strives to improve its mentoring capabilities as more people use it. Meeno gathers demographic data to ensure its AI works equitably for diverse users. The startup explicitly says that Meeno won’t be a virtual “girlfriend, boyfriend, clinical therapist, or coach” . The app will use AI to provide personalized coaching exercises and will launch exclusively on Apple products. The generative AI chatbot in the mobile app is set to debut in December. The former CEO of Tinder, Renate Nyborg, founded the company in response to the global rise in loneliness, decline in close relationships, and rising costs of mental health treatment.
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