How are the app store top charts calculated?

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Based on the search results, the top charts for both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store are calculated using a combination of several key factors. Here's a breakdown of the main ranking factors that influence the top charts:

Apple App Store Top Charts

The ranking algorithm for the Apple App Store top charts weighs the following factors in descending order of importance:
  1. Rating Count: The number of ratings an app has received is the most influential factor. More ratings generally lead to higher rankings.
  2. Downloads/Installs: The velocity of downloads, or the rate at which an app is being installed, is the second most important factor. Apps with a high download velocity are more likely to rank higher.
  3. Trends: The App Store algorithm favors apps that are experiencing growth in popularity and downloads over time. Apps with positive trends tend to rank better.
  4. Rating: While the overall rating (e.g., 4.5 stars) is considered, it has less weight than rating count, downloads, and trends.

Google Play Store Top Charts

The ranking factors for Google Play's top charts are similar but weighted differently:
  1. Rating Count: As with the App Store, the number of ratings is the most crucial factor for Google Play rankings.
  2. Downloads/Installs: Download velocity is also a highly influential signal for Google Play's algorithm.
  3. Rating: Unlike the App Store, Google Play seems to place more emphasis on the overall rating compared to trends.
  4. Trends: While still a factor, trends appear to have less weight in Google Play's algorithm compared to the App Store.
Other factors that can influence top chart rankings on both stores include:
  • Keyword Optimization: Proper use of relevant keywords in the app's title, subtitle, and description can improve visibility and rankings for those keywords.
  • User Engagement/Retention: Apps that keep users engaged and retain them for longer periods tend to rank better, as this is seen as a signal of quality.
  • Localization: Optimizing an app for different languages and regions can boost its visibility and rankings in those localized markets.
  • App Quality and Performance: Apps that function well, load quickly, and provide a good user experience are favored by the ranking algorithms.
It's important to note that the exact algorithms used by Apple and Google are not publicly disclosed, and they are constantly evolving. However, focusing on these key factors can help improve an app's chances of ranking well in the top charts.
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