How does Airtable upsell users to an Enterprise plan?

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Based on the search results, Airtable uses several strategies to upsell users to their Enterprise plan:

In-App Messaging and Upgrade Prompts

Airtable employs in-app messaging and upgrade prompts to make users aware of premium features and encourage them to upgrade. For example:
  • When users hit usage limits on the free or lower-tier plans (e.g. record limits, automation run limits), Airtable displays prompts suggesting an upgrade to a higher plan with increased limits.
  • Airtable grays out or disables premium features for non-paying users, and provides inline upgrade links when users try to access those features. This creates awareness of the additional capabilities they could unlock by upgrading.

Email Campaigns

Airtable pairs their in-app messaging with email campaigns to existing users, highlighting premium plan options and benefits they could access by upgrading. This allows them to reach users even when they are not actively using the product.

Offering Trials of Premium Features

Like many SaaS companies, Airtable allows some free or low-tier users to trial premium features for a limited time. Once users experience the additional value first-hand, they are more likely to convert to a paid plan to retain access.

Tailored Upsell Pitches Using First-Party Data

Airtable can leverage first-party data about how users interact with and use their product to determine the right users to target for upsells and what premium features to highlight based on their needs and interests. This allows for more personalized and effective upsell campaigns.

Enterprise-Specific Sales Approach

For larger Enterprise customers, Airtable has a dedicated sales team that reaches out to discuss upgrading to their Enterprise Scale plan as contracts come up for renewal. This more hands-on, personalized approach is common when selling to larger organizations. The search results indicate Airtable utilizes a combination of product-led growth tactics like in-app messaging and free trials, along with more traditional sales and marketing approaches tailored to the customer segment to drive users towards their premium Enterprise offering.
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