HyperCard was a pioneering software application and development kit for Apple Macintosh and Apple IIGS computers, released in 1987. It was one of the first successful hypermedia systems, predating the World Wide Web. HyperCard combined a flat-file database with a graphical, flexible, and user-modifiable interface. It included a built-in programming language called HyperTalk, which allowed users to manipulate data and the user interface without needing to learn traditional programming. This made HyperCard accessible to non-programmers and enabled rapid application development. HyperCard was used for a variety of projects, such as interactive applications, command and control systems, and multimedia experiences like the original version of the game Myst. It had lower hardware requirements than competing tools like Macromedia Director. HyperCard was included free with all new Macs sold after its release and was very popular, but was eventually discontinued in 2004 after Steve Jobs returned to Apple. While HyperCard itself was not ported to Mac OS X, several HyperCard-like development environments have emerged, such as LiveCode and SuperCard, which aim to continue the legacy of HyperCard's accessible and flexible approach to software development.
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