I'm writing an article on b2b content marketing strategies. Can you recommend some subject matter experts I can interview for my article? They should not be too famous; more accessible for someone without a huge publication.

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For your article on B2B content marketing strategies, there are several subject matter experts you could consider interviewing. Here are a few suggestions:
  1. Ryan Reisert and Morgan J Ingram: These two are mentioned as subject matter experts in a Cognism article. They could provide insights on executing a proper SME content strategy.
  2. James Sutton and Alice de Courcy from Cognism: James is the Senior Demand Gen Manager and Alice is the CMO at Cognism. They have experience working with subject matter experts and could provide valuable insights.
  3. Eric Schwartzman: He runs a B2B content marketing agency offering comprehensive content marketing services. His expertise could be valuable for your article.
  4. Professionals from Siege Media: This SEO agency works with brands to build their presence on search engines and offers services beyond SEO and content marketing.
  5. Professionals from HawkSEM, Smartbug, Verblio, ClearVoice, Omniscient Digital, Wpromote, Tinuiti, Power Digital Marketing: These are some of the leading B2B content marketing agencies in 2023, and professionals from these agencies could provide valuable insights.
Remember, when reaching out to these experts, it's important to clearly communicate your intentions, the topic of your article, and how their expertise could contribute to your piece.
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