Kris Nova's book hacking capitalism talks about a phrase "Make it work well for you" in phased manner in a chapter. Tell me more about it

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According to the reviews of Kris Nova's book "Hacking Capitalism: Modeling, Humans, Computers, and Money", in Chapter 6 titled "Building", the author describes a phased approach to building something, using the phrase "Make it work well for you". The building process is broken down into these steps:
  1. Make it - Start by creating something, even if it's "crappy and hacky". The idea is to begin iterating, as it's "hard to iterate on nothing."
  2. Make it work - In this phase, focus on making the creation actually solve the intended problem.
  3. Make it work well - Refine the solution to a point where one can feel a sense of pride and mastery over it.
  4. Make it work well for you - The final step is to tighten up the solution and remove any bloat, customizing it to work optimally for your specific needs.
This phased methodology provides a framework to ease into the building process and systematically arrive at a tailored, efficient solution. The book suggests this approach in the context of navigating and hacking the tech industry and capitalism at large.
what is the context of the phrase "make it work well for you" in kris nova's book hacking capitalism
how does kris nova suggest applying the phrase "make it work well for you" in the tech industry