NYT is suing OpenAI

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The New York Times (NYT) has filed a lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft, accusing them of copyright infringement. The lawsuit alleges that the companies used millions of articles published by the NYT without permission to train their AI models, including OpenAI's ChatGPT and Microsoft's Copilot. The lawsuit claims that these AI models can generate outputs that recite NYT content verbatim, closely summarize it, and mimic its expressive style. The lawsuit does not specify a monetary demand but states that the defendants should be held responsible for "billions of dollars in statutory and actual damages". The lawsuit could potentially shape the legal boundaries of generative AI technologies and their interaction with copyrighted content. The NYT argues that these AI models threaten high-quality journalism by hurting the newspaper's ability to invest in its journalism and by depriving it of subscription, licensing, advertising, and affiliate revenue. The lawsuit also claims that these AI models compete with the content they are trained on. This lawsuit is the first of its kind from a major news publisher against OpenAI and Microsoft. Other copyright holders, including major music companies, authors, and comedians, have also sued generative AI companies on similar grounds. As of now, neither OpenAI nor Microsoft have provided a comment on the case.
what is the new york times' argument for suing openai and micrsoft
what is the potential outcome of the lawsuit
how have openai and micrsoft responded to the lawsuit