Please write a thank you note to XYZ for hosting a lunch. Even though I didn't enjoy the food, I saw that XYZ made an effort and the table decoration was attractive enough.

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Here is a draft thank you note to XYZ for hosting the lunch: Dear XYZ, Thank you for hosting the lunch gathering today. I appreciate the effort you made in organizing the event and decorating the tables so attractively. While the food may not have been to my personal taste preferences, I recognize that putting together a meal for a group is never an easy task. Your thoughtfulness in bringing everyone together is what matters most. Thank you again for your hospitality. I look forward to the next occasion we can all meet up. Sincerely,
[Your name] This note expresses gratitude for XYZ's hosting efforts and table decorations, while politely acknowledging that the food itself was not particularly enjoyable, at least for your tastes. It focuses on the positive aspects like XYZ's thoughtfulness in organizing the gathering. Let me know if you would like me to modify the note in any way.
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