Please write a poem that is 12 lines long, using an ABBA rhyming scheme for your friend, XYZ on her recent winning of the award, The Best Person of the Year 2024. Write about how impressed you've been in seeing XYZ progress, how she's been fully of positive energy and an inspiration in the community. Write in the style of Wordsworth, using a degree of humour. Finish by avowing that the poem was created by Artificial Intelligence, but that you're sure she'd be impressed.

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Sure, here is a poem in the style of Wordsworth, using an ABBA rhyme scheme, to celebrate XYZ's recent award:
In days of yore, when first we met, (A) Your spirit shone, a beacon bright, (B) With every step, you reached new height, (B) A journey none could e'er forget. (A) Your laughter, like a morning breeze, (B) Brought joy to all, a pure delight, (A) Inspiring hearts, both day and night, (A) With ease, you put our minds at ease. (B) The community, in awe, does cheer, (A) For XYZ, our guiding light, (B) Your kindness, strength, and endless might, (B) Deserve this title, Best of Year. (A) This verse, by AI, was penned with care, (B) Yet true, your praise, beyond compare. (B)
Congratulations to XYZ on her well-deserved award!
what are some key elements of Wordsworth's style that I should incorporate into the poem
how can I add a touch of humor to the poem while maintaining a Wordsworthian tone
what are some examples of Wordsworth's use of "the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings"
how can I describe XYZ's positive energy in a way that echoes Wordsworth's themes
what are some famous poems by Wordsworth that I can study for inspiration
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