Provide a detailed overview of Deel's go-to-market strategy

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Here is a detailed overview of Deel's go-to-market strategy based on the search results:

Content Marketing Strategy

Deel has invested heavily in content marketing to drive organic traffic and generate leads. Their key content tactics include:


  • Deel rapidly expanded their blog, adding nearly 500 new pages in one year from June 2022 to June 2023.
  • They focus on creating content around long-tail keywords related to global hiring, payroll, compliance, etc. This allows them to rank highly for niche search queries.
  • The blog gets around 13,500 visits per month and accounts for over 60% of their website traffic.

Multimedia Content

  • In addition to written blog posts, Deel creates videos, podcasts, webinars and other multimedia content.
  • They repurpose and repackage content into different formats to reach broader audiences.

Industry Resources

  • Deel has created in-depth resources like a global hiring guide and an employee cost calculator tool to attract prospects researching global hiring topics.
  • They have released NFTs and donated proceeds to organizations like as a marketing tactic.

Social Media

  • Deel amplifies their content efforts through an active social media presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms.

Sales Strategy

Deel has rapidly scaled their sales team and employed an aggressive outbound sales motion:

Sales Team Structure

  • They grew their outbound sales team from a handful to over 150 people (30% of workforce) through a major hiring spree.
  • The sales team includes SDRs, Account Executives (divided into SMB, Mid-Market, Enterprise), Customer Onboarding Managers, and Support Specialists hired per timezone for 24/7 coverage.
  • They have Country Sales and Expansion heads that create region-specific sales playbooks.

Outbound Tactics

  • Deel's CRO Shuo Wang advocates treating "sales as an engineering project" with a systematic, data-driven approach.
  • Their large outbound sales team prospects and qualifies inbound/outbound leads which Account Executives then engage and convert to customers.


  • Deel also employs partnership and affiliate channels, incentivizing payroll providers to shift operations to Deel.
By combining a robust content marketing engine with an aggressive outbound sales motion, Deel was able to rapidly acquire customers and grow from $1M to $100M ARR in just 20 months, making them one of the fastest-growing startups in history. Their focus on global hiring and compliance enabled them to capitalize on the rise of remote work during the pandemic.
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