Provide a table of every time Google has been sued for privacy violations over the years. Include as many cases as possible, including the year that they got sued, who sued them, who won the lawsuit, and how much they got sued for.

2023Google Privacy SettlementsVarious states and affected usersSettlement reachedNearly $600 million
2023Google Incognito Mode LawsuitClass-action lawsuitSettlement reached$5 billion
2022Illinois Biometric Privacy Law LawsuitCook County, Illinois judgeSettlement reached$100 million
2020Google Plus Data Privacy CaseRhode Island governmentSettlement reached$350 million
2018United States vs. Google Inc. (Safari Internet browser)Federal Trade Commission (FTC)Stipulated order approved by the courtLargest civil penalty won by FTC
2010Hibnick v. Google, Inc. (Google Buzz)Class-action lawsuitSettlement reached for $7.5 million
2010Joffe v. Google, Inc. (Wiretap Legislation)Ben JoffeRuled in favor of Joffe
2013Mosley v SARL Google (Privacy violation)Former President of Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) Max MosleyLitigated in French court
2020-2021*Umar Javeed, Sukarma Thapar, Aaqib Javeed vs. Google LLC & Ors. (Android antitrust probe)Competition Commission of India (CCI) and others*Found guilty of breaking EU antitrust rules and fined US$2.7 billion
*The case Umar Javeed, Sukarma Thapar, Aaqib Javeed vs. Google LLC & Ors. spans from 2020 to 2021 and involves the Competition Commission of India (CCI) and others as plaintiffs. This table summarizes the various lawsuits against Google for privacy violations over the years, detailing the year of the case, the specific case name, the plaintiff, the outcome of the lawsuit, and the amount involved in each settlement or penalty.
what were the specific privacy violations that led to the lawsuits against google
how has google responded to the privacy lawsuits over the years
are there any ongoing privacy lawsuits against google