Pushing docker container to gcloud

To push a Docker container to Google Cloud, you can use the docker push command with the appropriate Google Cloud Container Registry (GCR) location. Here are the general steps:
  1. Tag the Docker Image: Tag your Docker image for Container Registry using the command:
    docker tag [IMAGE] gcr.io/[PROJECT-ID]/[IMAGE]
  2. Push the Image to GCR: Push your Docker image to Container Registry with the command:
    docker push gcr.io/[PROJECT-ID]/[IMAGE]
Replace [IMAGE] with your image's name and [PROJECT-ID] with your Google Cloud Console project ID. You can also use the gcloud command-line tool to push the image. After tagging the image, you can use the following command to push it:
gcloud auth configure-docker docker push gcr.io/[PROJECT-ID]/[IMAGE]
For example, if your project ID is my-project and the image name is my-image, the commands would be:
docker tag my-image gcr.io/my-project/my-image docker push gcr.io/my-project/my-image
These steps ensure that your Docker image is pushed to the Google Cloud Container Registry, where it can be accessed and used within your Google Cloud project.
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