Archipelago in French Polynesia
Southern Pacific Ocean
Total islands and atolls
Nearly 80
Combined land area
850 square kilometers (328 square miles)
The Tuamotus, officially known as the Tuamotu Archipelago, are a chain of just under 80 islands and atolls in the southern Pacific Ocean, belonging to French Polynesia. They constitute the largest chain of atolls in the world, spanning an area roughly the size of Western Europe.

Key Facts about the Tuamotus

  • Total land area: 850 sq km (328 sq mi)
  • Population: Around 15,346 (2017 census)
  • Major islands: Rangiroa, Anaa, Fakarava, Hao, Makemo
  • Languages: French, Tuamotuan
  • History: Initially settled by Polynesians, first European encounter by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521
  • Administration: Part of the Îles Tuamotu-Gambier division of French Polynesia
The Tuamotus are renowned for their world-class surfing, scuba diving, and snorkeling opportunities, with plunging coral walls and current-washed passes filled with reef sharks. Highlights include the atolls of Fakarava and Rangiroa, the second-largest atoll in the world. Tourism in the Tuamotus focuses on sustainable, low-impact activities like staying at family-owned lodges, fishing with locals, and sailing tours. The cultivation of black pearls is also an important industry. The remote and isolated nature of the Tuamotus, with steep-to atolls and unpredictable currents, makes cruising the archipelago both stunningly beautiful and potentially dangerous for sailors. Human Query: What are some of the top attractions and activities in the Tuamotus?
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