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Twitter has officially transitioned to, completing its rebranding process initiated by Elon Musk. This change marks the final step in Musk's efforts to transform the social media platform formerly known as Twitter into "X." Here are the key points regarding this transition:
  1. Domain Change:
    • As of May 18, 2024, the URL "" now redirects to "" . This change signifies the full adoption of the new branding across all primary systems of the platform.
  2. Rebranding Process:
    • The rebranding began in July 2023 when Musk announced the name change and introduced a new logo, replacing Twitter's iconic blue bird with a stylized "X" . The rebranding included changes to the app's appearance in the Apple and Google app stores and the projection of the new logo onto the company's San Francisco headquarters .
  3. Vision for X:
    • Musk envisions X as an "everything app," similar to China's WeChat, integrating various services such as social networking, banking, shopping, and more . This ambitious goal aims to create a comprehensive digital ecosystem.
  4. Challenges and Criticisms:
    • The rebranding has faced several challenges, including user dissatisfaction, legal hurdles related to trademarking the letter "X," and a decline in user engagement and advertiser support . The transition period also saw technical issues, such as phishing risks due to the URL changes .
  5. Current Status:
    • Despite the rebranding, the platform's core functionalities remain the same, and users can still access the site using the old "" URL, which now redirects to "" . The rebranding is part of Musk's broader strategy to reshape the platform's identity and expand its capabilities.
In summary, Twitter's transition to represents a significant shift in branding and vision under Elon Musk's leadership, aiming to transform the platform into a multifaceted "everything app." However, the rebranding process has not been without its challenges and criticisms.
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