What can hamsters eat?

Based on the search results provided, here are the key things hamsters can eat:

Staple Diet

  • Commercial pelleted rodent diet or hamster seed diet (should make up 75% of their diet)
    • Should contain 15-25% protein, 35-40% carbohydrates, 4-5% fat, 5% crude fiber1
    • Provide 1/8 - 1/3 cup of pellets per day1

Fresh Foods (around 20% of diet)

  • Vegetables: Greens (kale, dandelion greens, romaine, chard, spinach), carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, peas, squash, cooked potatoes23
  • Fruits: Apples, bananas, berries, grapes, melons (in moderation due to sugar) 23

Occasional Treats (around 5% of diet)

  • Whole grains: Whole grain bread, cereals, pasta, rice2
  • Nuts and seeds: Peanuts, cashews, walnuts (unsalted) 25
  • Proteins: Scrambled/hard-boiled eggs, dried mealworms/crickets, cooked chicken/turkey25

Foods to Avoid

  • Citrus fruits, rhubarb, raw beans, raw potatoes, almonds, garlic, onions, chocolate, sugary/salty/junk foods, red meat24
It's important to feed a balanced diet with the proper ratios of pellets, fresh foods, and occasional treats. Provide fresh water daily. Introduce new foods slowly and remove uneaten fresh foods to prevent spoilage. 12345
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