What do chimpanzees eat?

Chimpanzees are omnivores, meaning they consume both plant and animal matter. Their diet consists primarily of fruits, leaves, seeds, flowers, and insects, with occasional meat from hunting small mammals or scavenging. Here are the key points about the chimpanzee diet based on the provided search results:

Plant-Based Diet

  • Fruits make up the largest portion of their diet, around 59.4% according to Jane Goodall's observations at Gombe1.
  • They consume a variety of fruits including mangoes, bananas, watermelons, and apples2.
  • Leaves (21.3%), seeds (5.1%), and blossoms (4.1%) are also significant components of their plant-based diet1.
  • Chimpanzees are considered "frugivores," meaning they have a particular fondness for fruits3.

Animal-Based Diet

  • Insects, such as ants and termites, contribute around 4.2% of their diet1.
  • Meat from hunting or scavenging makes up a small but significant portion, around 1.4% of their diet1.
  • Adult male chimpanzees, especially skilled hunters, tend to consume more meat than females and juveniles4.
  • Nitrogen-15 isotope levels in the hair and skeletons of adult male chimpanzees at Taï National Park were 10-13% higher than females, indicating a higher intake of animal protein4.

Food Preparation

  • Some fruits are chewed into "wadges" and dipped in water before consuming the juice1.
  • Chimpanzees use tools like stones and sticks to access certain foods, such as cracking nuts or retrieving ants from nests1.
In summary, chimpanzees have a diverse diet consisting primarily of fruits, leaves, and other plant matter, supplemented by insects and occasional meat from hunting or scavenging. Their diet varies based on factors like age, sex, and hunting abilities, with adult males generally consuming more animal protein1234.
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