What do eels eat?

Eels have a diverse diet that varies depending on the species and their environment. Based on the provided search results, here are the key points about what different types of eels eat:

Freshwater Eels

  • Freshwater eels like the American eel and European eel typically consume:
    • Smaller fish
    • Invertebrates like insect larvae, worms, crickets
    • Crustaceans like shrimp, crabs
    • They can also be cannibalistic and eat other eels12
  • They require a high-protein diet to thrive2

Saltwater Eels

  • Saltwater eels like moray eels and Japanese eels feed on:
    • Fish
    • Crustaceans like shrimp
    • Mollusks like squid, clams
    • Other marine creatures like sea snakes2
  • They are carnivorous and need a high-protein diet2

General Eel Diet

  • Eels are opportunistic predators that will eat almost any smaller marine creature2
  • They use their keen sense of smell to detect prey from a distance2
  • Eels often forage for food at night when other fish are less active2
  • They have an elongated body that allows them to swallow prey whole2
The search results provide detailed information on the specific diets of the green moray eel, American freshwater eel, and goldentail moray eel at the South Carolina Aquarium, including their feeding techniques like target feeding with PVC pipes1. The video
shows a moray eel being fed, visually demonstrating their feeding behavior.
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