What do gorillas eat?

Gorillas are herbivores and primarily eat a vegetarian diet consisting of various plant materials. Based on the provided search results, here are the key points about what gorillas eat:

Diet Overview

  • Gorillas mainly feed on stems, bamboo shoots, fruits, and other vegetation1.
  • They are selective foragers and usually only eat certain parts of plants like leaves, pith, stalks, or roots2.
  • Their diet varies based on the gorilla subspecies and the availability of food sources in their habitat4.

Specific Food Items

  • Western lowland gorillas eat around 200 different plant species. They particularly favor plants from the ginger and arrowroot families4.
  • Mountain gorillas in the Virunga region eat about 38 plant species, mainly galium, thistles, celery, and nettles4.
  • Fruits are a major part of the western lowland gorilla diet when available14.
  • Gorillas occasionally eat insects like termites and ants, especially their larvae. This makes up a very small portion (<0.1%) of their diet14.
  • They may consume soil, potentially to obtain missing minerals or neutralize toxins in plants4.

Eating Habits

  • Adult male gorillas can eat up to 30kg (66 lbs) of plants per day, while females eat around 18kg (40 lbs) 4.
  • Gorillas have strong chewing muscles and large canines (in males) to process the large quantities of tough plant matter4.
  • They don't need to drink much water as their plant-based diet is high in moisture content4.
In summary, gorillas are primarily herbivorous, consuming a variety of vegetation like stems, shoots, fruits, and other plant parts, with some minor insect consumption, based on the availability in their habitat124.
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