What do komodo dragons eats?

Komodo dragons are carnivorous reptiles that eat a variety of prey, ranging from small insects and lizards to large mammals like deer, wild boars, and even water buffaloes. Here are the key points about their diet and eating habits:


  • As hatchlings and juveniles, Komodo dragons primarily feed on small lizards, insects, snakes, and birds1.
  • As they grow larger, their diet shifts to bigger prey like rodents, monkeys, goats, deer (their preferred meal), and larger animals like horses and water buffaloes135.
  • They are opportunistic hunters but also scavenge on carrion or decaying flesh from dead animals, which forms a significant part of their diet13.

Eating Habits

  • Komodo dragons use their sharp, serrated teeth and strong jaws to tear flesh from their prey. They violently shake their prey from side to side to cause severe bleeding and shock3.
  • Their venom prevents the prey's blood from clotting, leading to massive blood loss and inducing shock13.
  • They can consume up to 80% of their own body weight in a single meal by expanding their stomachs13.
  • Komodo dragons are efficient eaters, leaving behind only about 12% of their prey. They consume bones, hooves, hides, and intestines1.
  • Larger Komodo dragons have been known to prey on smaller members of their own species through cannibalism, especially when food is scarce13.
In summary, Komodo dragons are apex predators that hunt a wide range of prey through a combination of powerful jaws, venom, and bacteria in their saliva. Their diet shifts from small animals to larger prey as they mature in size135.
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