What do lemurs eat?

Lemurs are primarily herbivores, feeding on a variety of plant materials. Based on the provided search results, here are the key points about the diet of ring-tailed lemurs:


  • Ring-tailed lemurs are opportunistic foragers and eat a variety of foods including:
    • Seasonal fruits (especially figs) 12
    • Leaves123
    • Flowers12
    • Bark1
    • Sap1
    • Invertebrates (occasionally) 1
  • Their diet consists mainly of fruits, leaves, and flowers. 2
  • While most lemurs are strict herbivores, ring-tailed lemurs are classified as omnivores as they sometimes consume small invertebrates as well. 4
  • At the Duke Lemur Center, ring-tailed lemurs are fed a rotating combination of fruits, vegetables, and primate chow (a specially formulated biscuit). Their diet is tailored to their species, age, weight, and health requirements. 3
  • The lemurs are provided with food in a way that encourages natural foraging behaviors, such as placing worms inside wood blocks for aye-ayes to extract. 3
In summary, ring-tailed lemurs have a diverse herbivorous diet centered around fruits, leaves, flowers, and other plant materials, but they may occasionally consume small invertebrates as well. Their diet in captivity aims to mimic their natural foraging habits while meeting their nutritional needs. 1234
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