What do moose eat?

Based on the provided search results, moose are herbivores that eat a variety of plants, with their diet varying depending on the season and location. Here are the key points about what moose eat:

Summer Diet

  • Moose primarily browse on the leaves, twigs, and bark of woody plants like willows, birches, aspens, alders, and other shrubs and trees. Willows are a major component of their summer diet.
  • They also eat non-woody plants like aquatic vegetation (pondweeds, pond lilies, horsetails), forbs (broad-leaved plants like dandelions), grasses, and sedges.
  • In some areas, willows make up over 90% of their summer diet, while in other regions aquatic plants are more important dietary sources.
  • Their diet is most diverse in summer when up to 20 different plant species may be consumed.

Winter Diet

  • In winter, moose mainly consume the twigs and stems of woody browse like willows, birches, and aspens.
  • They target the most nutritious parts - the terminal shoots and thin twigs from the previous growing season.
  • As winter progresses, they move on to thicker twigs and branches as the preferred foods are depleted.
  • Aquatic vegetation is less available but still consumed where accessible.
In general, moose are generalist herbivores that eat a wide variety of plants based on availability in their habitat, with a preference for woody browse species like willows and birches12345.
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