What do orangutans eat?

Orangutans are primarily frugivores, meaning their diet consists mainly of fruits. Based on the search results, here are the key points about the orangutan diet:


  • Fruit makes up around 60-90% of an orangutan's diet1235.
  • They eat a wide variety of fruits including mangoes, lychees, figs, durians, mangosteens, and fruits from the Artocarpus genus (like jackfruit) 1245.
  • Orangutans are particularly fond of durian fruits and will spend hours eating them when in season4.

Other Plant Matter

  • In addition to fruits, orangutans consume young leaves, shoots, bark, flowers, seeds, and pith from various plants1245.
  • They eat leaves from plants like Gironniera nervosa, Artocarpus species, and Baccaurea genus5.
  • Bark, especially from Gironniera nervosa, is an important part of their diet, making up 37% after mast fruiting events5.

Supplementary Foods

  • Orangutans supplement their diet with insects, soil (for minerals), tree bark, and occasionally eggs, small vertebrates like tree rats, and even meat from slow lorises or gibbons125.
  • They obtain water from the fruits they eat and tree holes2.
Overall, orangutans have a diverse diet dominated by fruits when available, but they are adaptable and will consume a wide range of plant matter and supplementary foods to meet their nutritional needs12345.
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