What do walrus eat?

Walruses are primarily benthic feeders, meaning they feed on organisms that live on the ocean floor. According to the search results, their main diet consists of:


Walruses prefer to eat mollusks, especially bivalves like clams. They use their sensitive whiskers (vibrissae) and front flippers to detect and dig up clams and other mollusks buried in the seafloor sediments.125

Other Invertebrates

In addition to mollusks, walruses also consume various other benthic invertebrates such as:
  • Worms
  • Gastropods (snails)
  • Cephalopods (squids, octopuses)
  • Sea cucumbers
  • Crabs and shrimp
  • Tubeworms
  • Tunicates (sea squirts)125

Occasional Prey

While mollusks and benthic invertebrates make up the bulk of their diet, walruses are opportunistic feeders and may occasionally eat:
  • Fish
  • Seabirds
  • Seals
  • Whale carcasses25
Walruses use their powerful tusks and bulk to access prey, either by digging in the seafloor or tearing into carcasses. Their diet requires them to consume large quantities daily, with estimates of up to 6% of their body weight or 120 kg for a 2000 kg male walrus.5
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